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Just an hour and a half south of Melbourne, on the Mornington Peninsula, lies some of the most beautiful natural hot mineral springs in Australia.

In 1997, brothers Charles and Richard Davidson, purchased the land on which Peninsula Hot Springs now stands. Having learned that hot geothermal water had been discovered on the Peninsula in 1979, they partnered with an investor, Norm Cleland, in 2001. It took several more years of hard work, including drilling a bore 637 metres underground to an aquifer, before the stage one Spa Dreaming Centre facility could open in 2005.

In 2009 the second stage Bath House opened, increasing the number of bathing options on offer and providing a social bathing experience. These experiences include a Turkish steam bath, reflexology walk, sauna, cave pool and hilltop pool which boasts 360 degree views of the region.

The sodium chloride bicarbonate springs have been traditionally known to offer a number of health benefits. Bathing in bicarbonate waters can assist in opening peripheral blood vessels and improving circulation.

Co-founder, Charles Davidson, said, “the natural minerals found in the water can improve your skin and may also be beneficial for those with joint problems.” It’s not just the springs themselves that are good for your mental and physical wellbeing. A visit to the Turkish steam bath will help you exfoliate, cleanse and refresh your skin and the reflexology walk has ten different kinds of stones to stimulate points in your feet. Charles added that the hot pool may promote improved circulation, while the cold plunge pool may assist lymphatic drainage.

Peninsula Hot Springs also offers a variety of complimentary wellness activities to their guests, including yoga, meditation and warm water classes. The activities vary depending on the time of year, but there are multiple classes held each week. The warm water exercise classes are held in the aquatherapy pool and are aimed at helping to tone muscles and improve overall fitness without any adverse impact on your joints.

Yoga helps keep the body strong and flexible, calms the mind and promotes an overall feeling of health and wellbeing. These classes offer guests the opportunity to combine the health benefits of the practice, with the healing qualities of bathing in natural mineral hot springs. Meanwhile, the meditation offering allows guests to truly break away from their everyday life, returning to reality feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Peninsula Hot Springs’ setting amongst beautiful native flora and fauna makes it the perfect place to enhance your wellbeing. Relax, unwind and do your body some good!

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