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Yarra Valley Gateway Estate allows you to experience the abundance of fresh produce available in the region, with fresh fruits and vegetables, local cheeses and deli fare all on offer.

However, the standout of the property has to be the greenhouse, filled with incredibly juicy strawberries just begging to be picked and tasted.

The Estate is a true family business. Brothers, Brett and Tony Spurling, run the property with their wives, Karen and Deb, while their parents, Rod and Kaye, can also be spotted helping out when they can. While the team has been on the property for years, in 2000 they discovered a real passion for growing when they installed a state-of-the-art greenhouse.

Let your inner child run wild as you forage your way through the greenhouse with the U-Pick Strawberry experience. Wind your way through leafy rows finding the best berries to take home.

While the harvest season for strawberries is usually from October through to May, the greenhouse allows berry season to thrive all year round. The greenhouse provides a nice warm environment for the berries but also keeps you out of the cold and rain while you’re on the hunt.

The Estate is also renowned for its quality capsicums and basil. Not only is the produce delicious but it is also environmentally friendly. Integrated pest management systems are used and a zero-waste irrigation system helps to produce huge quantities of produce with a fraction of water used when compared with field crops. The crops are grown in coconut husks that work as a sponge, providing water to the plants and allowing the roots to grow freely.

The abundance of produce available on the Estate doesn’t stop there. Free- range Angus cattle roam around the property, providing guests with grass-fed, dry-aged beef year round. The cattle are lucky enough to enjoy off cuts from the crops, which consequently provides a depth of flavour to the beef.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite berry picking, stop at the on-site cafe for a bite to eat. This is where Karen works her magic with a small but focused menu filled with home-style fare. Alongside a range of decadent cakes and quiches there are also sausage rolls and meat pies – hand-made and filled with beef from the property’s cattle.

Aptly named the ‘gourmet farm gate’, the store not only stocks the produce grown on-site but also plenty of house-made products too. Strawberries shine here with flavoured liqueurs, port, cream and jam. Capsicums are transformed into a sweet relish and tomatoes make their way into spicy kasundi relish. If you’re somehow not yet convinced, a taste test will quickly make up your mind. It’s also the perfect spot to sample the riches of the Yarra Valley including local cheeses and pasta.

Come for the berries, stay for the sausage rolls and make sure you bring plenty of friends so you can carry home armfuls of produce. Yarra Valley Gateway Estate has it all.

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667 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream, VIC


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