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Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Childhood memories stick with us and the slightest smell, taste or image can send us back in time in an instant. Play the Fool emulates this feeling, providing an experience that will stick with visitors long after they leave.

After leaving university, Lauren Eagle started work as an architect at a Melbourne-based firm but quickly realised it wasn’t for her at that point in time. Taking a break to work at a local cafe-bakery in Red Hill, she was soon inspired to combine her passion and talents into one project and embark on her own venture.

Play the Fool is centrally located on Mornington’s sunny Main Street. Lined floor to ceiling in Tasmanian oak timber, the relaxed space features stunning hanging light features and bi-folding coffee counter windows for quick and easy take-away.

As Head Barista, Lauren prides herself on quality espresso that is consistently served with care and love. When it came to selecting a supplier, she turned to the expertise of Footscray-based Profile Coffee. Head Roaster, Zach Oakes, is hands-on with all aspects of the business, ensuring cafe owners and staff know where the beans come from and understand the seasonal variations. Play the Fool is the only Mornington Peninsula cafe serving Profile Coffee, making your morning break even more unique.

The seasonal house blend, MILK #07, changes throughout the year but is normally comprised of beans from Colombia and Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda or Burundi). The bold flavours are complemented by a smooth milk chocolate body and sweet finish, which results in a consistent blend that works with both milk and black coffee.

Profile Coffee can be served with soy, lactose free or almond milk, ensuring no one has to go without their morning brew. Play the Fool also serves Prana Chai, matcha lattes, house-made hot chocolates and fresh juices to complement the irresistible food offering.

The food philosophy is based on seasonal produce sourced from origins close to home. Unique breakfast dishes include house-made gingerbread with creme fraiche, salted caramel and plums; and heartier options such as English black pudding with roasted apple, crispy sourdough, Main Ridge feta and a fried egg. Whatever you choose you’ll be delighted with the intricate flavours and presentation of each dish.

Nostalgic or not, Play the Fool’s high quality coffee and attention to detail means you won’t be forgetting the cafe any time soon. The beautifully presented, ever-changing menu and quality coffee will keep you coming time and time again for more.

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89 Main St, Mornington


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