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Inside a converted factory building on the Mornington Peninsula you’ll find Little Rebel – a roastery and cafe for those who simply worship coffee.

Peter and Trish Roberts started working in the cafe business in 2010. It wasn’t long before they began roasting in order to have constant access to high quality beans. The pair set out to simplify the roasting process and honour the hard work invested in the coffee beans before they arrived at the door.

Transparency is at the heart of their business, and Peter and Trish are proud to invest in an ethically sourced, higher quality product. They have worked hard to cultivate strong partner relationships with their five core suppliers, who source beans from across the globe.

After receiving the coffee, Chief Roaster, Joe Harvey, roasts raw green beans in a large Roastmax and a smaller Has Garanti. He doesn’t roast to impart particular characteristics onto the coffee but instead works to enhance what makes each individual varietal or farm exciting, resulting in coffee that is elegant and flavoursome.

Other cafes soon caught on and started asking Little Rebel to supply their beans. In 2013 Peter and Trish focused their concentration solely on the supplier side of things, before opening the roastery up to the public in 2015.

Now you can venture inside and the expert baristas will make a coffee to your liking. The Black Sheep house blend is made of beans from Colombia and Brazil. It’s a versatile blend with strong notes of caramel and a buttery mouthfeel that blends well with Schulz organic milk.

If you’re after something a little different, try one of the rotating single origins. The baristas’ talents go beyond the espresso machine; they’re also big on alternative brewing methods including filter and pour over. In the warmer months, a cold brew made over 24 hours or a cup of cold drip are ideal ways to refresh and re-energise.

The slick, orange Black Eagle coffee machine takes pride of place on the countertop alongside a selection of sweet treats that are available when hunger calls. Toasties are available daily – check the board for the day’s specials.

The factory space has lofty high ceilings and has been enhanced with wood panelling, industrial-style lampshades and an impressive wall mural by creative artist, Steen Jones. Continuing the sustainable approach, all the coffee grinds from roasting and brewing processes are kept for community gardens and seed plantations.

A road trip to the Mornington Peninsula wouldn’t be complete without a caffeine pit stop at Little Rebel.

Locate Little Rebel Coffee Roastery

22 Collins Rd, Dromana


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