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In an unlikely place, in the heart of Geelong’s CBD, you’ll find Cartel Coffee Roasters, an experimental specialty coffee cafe, education and training facility, and wholesale coffee outlet.

After many years travelling the globe in search of the perfect coffee, Nathan Johnston took matters into his own hands. In 2008 he founded specialty coffee company, Cartel Coffee Roasters, which has gone on to share some of the world’s best quality coffee with Australians.

Boasting traceability and distinct flavour in every cup, Cartel reflects the years of research Nathan has put into his business. During his time working on coffee farms across Africa he learnt about the range of coffee harvesting and processing methods used in different countries. He also dedicated a large part of his time abroad to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, before returning to Australia to establish Cartel Coffee Roasters.

Cartel Coffee Roasters was founded on a passion for farm to cup traceability. This means each coffee roasted and supplied by Cartel comes with a unique story that can be told by any of the friendly staff at the bustling cafe.

Take the Drummer Boy house blend for example – a unique combination of beans from Ethiopia, Colombia and Burundi, it offers body and spice with flavours of strawberry that leap from the cup between sips. The staff at Cartel’s research lab can tell you exactly where in the country each of these beans are sourced and the story behind both the farm and the farmers who grew and harvested the beans.

The Drummer Boy blend, along with the full range of seasonal blends and single origin coffees, are all available to sample and purchase at the buzzing cafe. The beauty of having both a roastery and a cafe means the full range of Cartel coffees are always available.

In addition to retail, the cafe is also home to a complete coffee education facility, where staff members and coffee aficionados can come to learn the intricacies of the bean. With daily cuppings, roasting, masterclasses and tastings, Cartel Coffee Roasters regularly offers new and exciting activities to engage their broad customer base.

Many of the training and education classes are taken by Cartel staff, including Chief Roaster, Malcolm Gage, and Store Manager, Hannah Collins. These passionate coffee professionals work closely with Nathan to ensure Cartel continues to source, roast and educate with the same underlying values the business was founded on.

The Geelong cafe is designed to expose every element of coffee to the customer. Based on principles of transparency, traceability, quality and consistency, Cartel Coffee Roasters traces coffee from crop to cup, sharing the most exceptional coffees from across the globe with its customers.

Locate Cartel Coffee Roasters Brew Bar

1-80 Little Malop St, Geelong


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