O’Reilly’s Orchard is truly a living garden of certified organic fruit and vegetables, providing the locals of the Southern Flinders Ranges with fresher-than-fresh produce, ready to be devoured upon picking.

Jackie O’Reilly finished school in country South Australia before travelling overseas and tasting the fantastic fare of country towns in Italy, Greece and France. Upon her return home, she struggled to find the same quality produce and set about to change this.

Jackie and her husband David purchased the limestone hillside property when it was merely a run-down stone-fruit garden. They worked hard to rejuvenate the terrain, rebuild the underground water supply and show the soil a little love in the form of some serious composting. Gradually the purchase of a new tractor and other tools of the trade have helped make their life a lot easier.

They started small, reworking the existing trees and grubbing out those that didn’t respond. From there, they expanded in leaps and bounds, choosing varietals based on their ideal growing conditions and local consumer demand. They made the commercial decision to focus purely on fruit and vegetables after seeing many in their community opt for vines and olives. Not altogether satisfied with the large commercial food distribution system they wanted to avoid expanding too much, and pursued a business model that allowed them to get their produce to the end user in its freshest possible condition, whilst building relationships with their clients. Nowadays, there are a number of microclimates on the property, which has a north, south and east face.

Throughout the summer and autumn, the O’Reilly’s deliver boxes of fresh produce straight to customers’ doors. Choose everything from plums and pears to pumpkins and parsley – the only restriction is the season. Peaches are a big favourite, with 30 different varieties grown on the hills. As with all of the O’Reilly’s produce, they are picked when they are ready to eat – not for storage and distribution.

Travellers as well as locals can experience all of this first hand by visiting the farm gate, where Jackie and David offer an eco-based experience, tucked away at the southern end of the Wirrabara Forest. Call in for a chance to sample the best of their seasonal fruit and vegetables, and sulphur-free dried fruits.

Jackie is the Chair of the Southern Flinders Tourism and Tastes Inc. and so it’s no surprise her passion for regional produce extends beyond simply growing it. She also loves to cook and experiment with what is in season – making as much as possible from scratch. Bookings are essential for the Country Table, a seasonally inspired farmhouse dining experience, with honest, home-cooked food, and the perfect place for a chat about the region and its history before tucking into a delicious lunch, certain to warm your heart.

Authenticity is the flavour of the day at O’Reilly’s Orchard and it shows in every part of the business. From their genuine, grass-roots approach to farming to their openness in welcoming others into their home, the husband-and-wife team are leading the charge for truly organic produce that can be found at farmer’s markets, at your door or at their farm gate.

Locate O'Reilly's Orchard and Country Table

Watts Gully Rd off Charcoal Rd via Main North Rd


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