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At a time when dairy farmers throughout Australia were being forced to sell their stock and leave their farms due to feed prices rising and milk prices declining, three couples, all descendants of old farming families, decided to take a stand. Barry and Merridie Clark, Chris and Karen Royans and Geoff and Louise Hutchinson banded together and created the Fleurieu Milk Company with the dream of bottling and selling milk from their own herds, bringing back to the market full cream, quality milk – like it used to taste.

Barry and Merridie had an A2 tested Jersey herd, while Chris, Karen, Geoff and Louise had a Friesian Holstein herd. The three couples converted a closed-down dairy into a production factory, and started producing their ‘Jersey Premium’ and ‘Farm Fresh’ ranges of top-quality milk. It could easily have been a disaster – with the multi-national supermarket chains paying bottom dollar for milk, Fleurieu Milk Company needed support on a community level. The support it received was overwhelming; it blew them away. Fleurieu Peninsula businesses were very enthusiastic to stock the local milk, and then Foodland came on board. You’ll now find the milk at Chapley’s, Romeo’s, Drakes, and all independent Foodland IGA supermarkets, as well as in cafes and restaurants right across South Australia.

Baristas love using Fleurieu Milk Company milk; they’re constantly amazed at its increased body and silkiness. Coffee lovers are ecstatic to find that their morning coffee is creamy and tasty again – like it used to be. The Jersey Premium milk has over 40% more butter fat than ordinary milks; you can imagine what that does for the taste.

The wholehearted support from local businesses and the excitement from consumers has led Fleurieu Milk Company to create new product ranges, including iced coffee, cream, chocolate milk and strawberry milk. It also produces yoghurt in 100g, 250g and 500g tubs, in the flavours of Natural, Honey, Mango, Passionfruit and Mixed Berry. The demand has been so great that the original dairy, which had been transformed into a production factory, has now been demolished and replaced with a brand new 1,040m2 facility.
Fleurieu Milk Company is 100% owned and operated in South Australia. In a time of multi-national corporations providing our food, and sending their profits overseas, it is truly special to find such a genuine, local company keeping profits and jobs right here in South Australia.

Fleurieu Milk Company is associated with the South Australian charity Little Heroes Foundation, which helps seriously ill children. Part of the proceeds from all Fleurieu Milk products sold goes towards helping this charity perform their work. As the sales increase, so does the donation. In 2014, Fleurieu Milk Company donated $38,000; in 2015 their aim is to donate $50,000.

Fleurieu Milk Company celebrates its 10th birthday in 2016. Who knows what the future holds. For the three couples behind this wonderful local company, the sky is the limit!

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325 Rowley Rd, Myponga SA


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