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Located in the cool climate region of Orange, Philip Shaw Wines is a family owned and operated winery run by three industrious members of the Shaw clan. Philip Shaw himself works with sons Damian and Daniel to create wines that characterise varietal expression and terroir. Together, the industrious trio use experience, wine knowledge and a little intuition to create wines of elegance that are a pleasure to explore and enjoy.

Philip established Philip Shaw Wines in 2004 with a focus on producing wines that were fun, exciting and most importantly, driven by their varietal characters. Joined by Damian and Daniel not long after, the trio combine their collective 70 years of experience and a recipe of knowledge, instinct and a little risk to create wines of elegance and finesse. Together they are driven to achieve results of wine excellence not judged by show results, but defined by variety, terroir and minimal interference.

The excellence of Philip Shaw wines is reflective of the vineyard in which the grapes grow. Koomooloo vineyard was planted in 1989, with over 47 hectares under vines. Each variety planted was well considered for both the cool climate conditions, as well as the layout of the vineyard itself. Philip, Damian and Daniel have a strong belief that every aspect of the winemaking process is important and this starts in the vineyard. The vineyard has selective vegetation planted between the rows to assist with vine vigour and soil composition, and they use alternative products for vineyard maintenance.

Each wine is developed to showcase the best expression of varietal character and environmental influence, while having little direct influence through the winemaking process. As winemakers, Philip and Daniel are constantly looking at ways to allow the wines to express themselves, believing that this is the best approach to create great drops. The Philip Shaw Wines Numbers series is created from only the nest vines and only released in great years. Each number represents a personal note in the winery’s history; from a dear friend’s birthday to block numbers of the vineyard’s best varietals. Each harvest is unique and to embrace this, they create a new and expressive back label for each harvest.

The Character series was developed to express the personality of both the winemakers and, of course, the wines themselves. These wines are fun and approachable and a lively addition to the Philip Shaw wine collection.

As a family, the Shaws take pride in their winemaking techniques and follow this through to their approach to showcasing them. The Philip Shaw Cellar Door is located just outside of the township of Orange. Here, the team created a modern addition to an age-old bluestone barn and achieved the perfect balance of tradition and new age. Each visitor takes a personal journey through the wine list with a seated tasting and a detailed description of each of the wines tasted.

The experience continues beyond the building itself, with surrounding gardens just waiting to be explored and a bocce court ready to test your competitive spirit. Paired with a Philip Shaw wine, it’s the perfect way to while away an afternoon.

Locate Philip Shaw Wines

100 Shiralee Rd, Orange


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