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At Harvest, you’ll be getting much more than just a meal. The sustainably run restaurant offers a comprehensive dining experience that gives visitors the opportunity to learn about seasonal food that is both sustainable and tastes delicious.

Owners, Brooke Hudson and Tristan and Kassia Grier, have worked to create a holistic culinary experience, where visitors can explore and experiment with sustainability whilst enjoying a delicious meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are joined on their crusade by Executive Chef, Bret Cameron, whose career spans across three countries and includes two hats. Together, the team aims to create a dialogue around seasonality, regional and native produce, with a focus on self-sufficiency and community values.

The stunning, wood-accented space is home to a 107-year-old wood-fired oven, an artisan bakery and a delicatessen. Recognising that sustainability is a key concern of our time, solar panels have been installed, as well as green waste compost and grey water facilities.

Recently, a game-changing decision saw Australian researcher and forager, Peter Hardwick, join the team. With his knowledge of wild foods and their potential for eco-system conservation, the Harvest team is now venturing into uncharted waters and bringing sustainability into the creative process.

In the Harvest kitchen, as many ingredients as possible are used from the kitchen gardens. Everything else is sourced from the Byron Bay hinterlands, creating great depth of seasonal flavour in every dish. The breakfast, lunch and dinner menus change with the seasons to reflect the availability of produce, but the same common thread of organic produce and sustainability runs throughout.

Come Sunday morning, you can order the watermelon and rose chia with sheep’s milk yoghurt, melon and almond, or try the spiced roast zucchini with squash, poached eggs, tomato and eggplant.

For lunch and dinner, there are all kinds of wild and wonderful things to be experienced on each plate. From the unforgettable 12-hour lamb shoulder for two, served with pumpkin, salted ricotta, grains and Daisy’s mint sauce; to the Mulloway ceviche, with macadamia, lemon myrtle and betel, you’ll find something to enjoy.

The team also tries to educate the sustainably conscious customer base – how the food was prepared and where it was sourced from is extremely important. A calendar of events throughout the year emphasises just that: the Leaf to Beef showcases the best of local beef, while in winter, a Sunday roast means the local community can come together to enjoy a shared meal.

Looking forward, the Harvest team has plans to launch a special foraging education program, ensuring the message of looking after the environment continues to be heard.

Harvest is a joyous marriage of sustainability and creativity. Constructed by service-driven people on a mission to create the kind of world they want to live in, it’s the type of place where good food and good company are all that matter.

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18-22 Old Pacific Hwy, Newrybar Village


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