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Jacinta Carmichael-Parissi, described by her papa as the ‘sails’ of the ship of dreams, and her sister Adelina Carmichael-Parissi, the ‘anchor’, have worked to create Lyttleton Stores – a beautiful space that celebrates their love of artisan craft ware and home-grown food.

Thanks to their upbringing in the Blue Mountains, Jacinta and Adelina have always appreciated beauty and simplicity, and have sought to explore how community and creativity can mingle together to create something amazing. Jacinta found her way through a southern Tasmanian adventure, where she supported herself through a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Furniture Design by operating a small organic food business. Similarly, Adelina completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Jewellery Design, while selling organic vegetables and dairy at Sydney’s markets.

Situated in the oldest part of the Lawson shopping district, Lyttleton Stores is located inside a long building, dating back to 1884. Historically, the space served as a country antiques store selling hand-made wares, and today the sisters aim to create an energetic hub of food, community, culture and creativity.

Lyttleton Stores is divided into three stores. PanTree Produce is an organic grocery store and kitchen, using produce sourced from the beautiful garden, where, seasonal fruit, nuts, vegetables and herbs are grown. To minimise waste, any surplus fruit or vegetables are transformed into magical preserves, stocks, baked goods, pickles and ferments.

Atelier is an artisan’s store, a place for local designers and makers to exhibit their wares and share their knowledge and skills. With Adelina’s background in making jewellery, the store sells handmade furniture, jewellery, so furnishings, glassware, ceramics and leather work.

Preserve is a workshop space, based around craft and cookery. Everyone is welcome to share and learn creative or culinary skills at the craft workshops on Saturdays, which span from wreath making, flower arranging and weaving, to mosaics, textile and pattern making. The full-day cooking workshops on Sundays showcase special skills such as fruit preserving, pickling and cake baking, ensuring there’s something for everyone here. There are also longer term courses in dancing, painting, creative writing and more. So many skills to learn, so little time!

Lyttleton Stores is founded on four key pillars: honouring organically grown food; supporting artists who create with love and artisanal dedication; sharing knowledge and crafts; and being a zero-waste, environmentally conscious facility. Through these beliefs, Jacinta and Adelina aim to build a community centred on sustainability, learning and hand-cra skills. They dream to one day be self-sufficient, using solar power, rainwater and as much of their own fresh produce as possible

As the business grows, the sisters also hope to expand their collaborations to other talented people, creating a cooperative workplace where each element of the project has a coordinator who facilitates the daily running of the business. The idea is to have a large pool of skills, knowledge and support, giving locals the opportunity to be directly involved in the store’s bright future.

Lyttleton Stores is about uncovering the experience of food and craft, from beginning to end. Stop by and take part in this unique community built around creativity, culture and sustainability.

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1 Badgery Cres, Lawson


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