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Each coffee bean completes an impressive journey before it reaches the cup. When it is finally brewed, it brings joy to those who drink it, and unites them like no other beverage can.

The Blessed Bean understands the power of the humble coffee bean and every detail at the cafe and espresso bar pays homage to the small seed.

The Blessed Bean is a small business with a huge heart. It was started in 2011 by passionate duo, Jason and Simone Dowding. Since then, the business has evolved and grown, but spreading the word of good coffee remains at the forefront of everything they do.

Six months after establishing the cafe, Jason and Simone opened a second store – an espresso bar – at Wagga Airport. This site continues to share the same philosophy and aims to welcome travellers and locals to the city with the tempting taste of Blessed Bean coffee.

The couple has invaluable hospitality experience that they gained when working for franchises, but they eventually realised these venues lacked the soul they sought. Their desire for a more hands-on involvement in the journey of coffee and an ability to make a difference in the community saw the couple begin their own cafe.

The philosophy behind Blessed Bean is based on three principles – to connect, inspire and make a difference. Jason and Simone truly believe that cafes are more than just a place where you buy coffee. This means the friendly team knows their regulars by name and are always involved in positive community events.

The menu exhibits local food offerings and trends made from only the freshest, seasonal produce. Head Chef, Mark Musialkiewicz – from No. 35 and Harrisons Port Douglas – has a background in fine dining and visits the local market every Thursday to find seasonal meat, fruit, vegetables and herbs to use at the shop. He also spends time foraging for wild mushrooms and amaranth, among other ingredients. Mark uses this produce to create an ever-changing menu of hearty porridges, soups, salads, pies, muffins and more.

The delicious meals can be enjoyed with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee in the laidback cafe. Featuring warm timbers, red brick and ambient lighting, the space offers comfort and peace to all who enter. A huge communal table made of reclaimed wood allows customers to converse and forget about the stresses of life as they unwind in a relaxed setting. There is even a wishing wall, where customers can write a wish and hang it on the wall for good luck.

While everything is of excellent quality at the Blessed Bean, the specialty coffee is clearly the focus. Jason and Simone select only the freshest and best tasting coffee, including blends like Godcup – an aromatic and flavoursome single origin coffee, which offers a perfect mid morning pick-me-up.

You might think pouring up to 500 coffees a day would take the joy out of the coffee-making process, but this is not the case at the Blessed Bean. Every cup is made with love and integrity, fulfilling their mission of showcasing the true power of the humble coffee bean.

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10 Best St, Wagga Wagga


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