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Nick and Eve Muller opened Republic of Coffee on Magellan Street, Lismore, in 2011.

Nick had worked as a barista for a decade and starting learning to roast coffee himself about five years ago. Coming from positions at renowned Toby’s Estate and with Mark Bullivant at Independent Coffee Professionals, Nick knew that in his own cafe, he wanted to focus solely on providing fantastic coffee. So, there’s no kitchen here, no breakfast and lunch menus to discuss – just excellent coffee, which you can guarantee has been selected, roasted and blended with the utmost care and attention, with no distraction.

Nick appreciates that his customers’ time is precious, so he’s all about producing a fantastic cup of coffee quickly and efficiently so his takeaway customers can get on with their day. You can sit in too, of course, if you have the time. Nick works on a specialist Dalla Corte DC PRO machine, which has four independent boilers. Nick said, “We can control the temperature of water passing through the coffee to within one tenth of a degree. Our grinder also has electronic dosing set to within 100th of a second, so the amount of coffee is strictly controlled. We can make very precise adjustments to the process which makes a huge difference to the extraction of flavour.”
Republic of Coffee purchases green beans from H.A. Bennetts and roasts them themselves. The house blend changes depending on what is available and what Nick and Eve think their customers will enjoy the most. They’re motivated by the passion and complexity involved in the whole process, of growing, roasting and brewing coffee. It’s all about the customer service here – providing the Lismore locals with something they’ll love, something that might challenge them, something they’ll keep coming back for, day after day, and they do!

Currently, the house blend is made up of coffees from Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, East Timor and Ethiopia. All the coffees are wet processed and some of them are also certified organic or part of the Rainforest Alliance program. This seems like a sentence is missing before – what / which is their best seller by far? It’s also no surprise that Republic of Coffee does a roaring retail trade, selling its coffee to the public, as well as to cafes, mostly those in the Northern rivers area. Republic
of Coffee also offers accredited barista training courses.

Open from 6.30am (for the morning rush) until 2pm, Monday to Friday, Republic of Coffee sees a lot of local professionals as well as a wider cross-section of Lismore locals. It offers AeroPress and cold brew, as well as the more unusual Bunn Trifecta. There’s graffiti on the walls, and the bustling Magellan Street just past the palm trees out the front.

It’s the place to be for a no-fuss, top quality, timely coffee.

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98 Magellan Street, Lismore NSW


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