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Every hand-crafted chocolate that originates from the kitchen at Josophan’s Fine Chocolates has the same three qualities: the best quality ingredients, the highest attention to detail and a love and care that cannot be surpassed.

It’s no wonder then that the Leura-based chocolate store is a highly sought after culinary experience in the Blue Mountains.

Jodie Van Der Velden established Josophan’s Fine Chocolates in 2005. Having grown up in a family bakery, her passion for food began at an early age, but it wasn’t until her new venture that she began to seriously work with food as a career.

Since opening, Jodie has undertaken formal chocolate training and honed her skills through a variety of short courses and travel experiences abroad. She has spent time in cacao plantations across the world in order to learn about chocolate in its natural state. She has also fostered important connections with growers for the use of sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients.

What began as a one-woman business involving many hours of trial and error has become a thriving success story – Josophan’s is now renowned for quality and reliability. Today, Jodie oversees a team of five chocolatiers who work with her to create Josophan’s Fine Chocolates.

Each tantalising treat is produced primarily using Callebaut Belgian Fair Trade certified chocolate, and other single origin chocolates where the farming and trade of the chocolate is entirely transparent, ethical and fair. Jodie is dedicated to ensuring all the ingredients used in her chocolates are fair for everyone, throughout every step of the process.

To ensure quality is not compromised along the way, Jodie uses locally sourced ingredients like nuts and fresh herbs, wherever possible. All of the ganache fillings are flavoured by infusing cream with fresh ingredients such as mint leaves, basil leaves, lime, orange, Tahitian vanilla bean, roasted coffee beans and cinnamon. The store also sources walnuts from the ‘Josophan’s Tree’ at a property in Mount Tomah, which are only cracked as they are placed on the chocolates – adding a freshly-cracked nut texture to each bite.

Nestled in the heart of Leura, behind cherry blossom trees and beautiful lawns, Josophan’s Fine Chocolates is housed in a building that features a shopfront, workshop and tasting room, and a production laboratory. Through a window into the laboratory, customers can watch in awe as the talented chocolatiers create mouth-watering creations.

At the boutique store, customers can peruse and purchase chocolate bars, truffles, slabs, confectionery and hot chocolate mixtures made in-house, as well as a selection of baking and chocolate-making supplies. A small selection of house-made cakes and brownies is available by the slice, as is delicious Serendipity ice cream, available with a variety of mouth-watering chocolate toppings.

Catering for the keenest of chocolate ends, Jodie also runs popular chocolate appreciation workshops on-site, as well as hands-on chocolate truffle and dessert-making classes.

Josophan’s Fine Chocolates creates truly beautiful, hand-crafted delights. Whether you’re after a box of handmade truffles, a slab of chocolate sprinkled with house-made honeycomb, ginger or coconut, or are simply keen to experience the art of chocolate making, Josophan’s Fine Chocolates is the place to go.

Locate Josophan’s Fine Chocolates

132 Leura Mall, Leura


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