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Gumnut Patisserie requires a special combination of patience, precision and passion.

For husband and wife duo, Tracy and Vicki Nickl, passion is the most important factor, and as Tracy said, “If you love the pastry, the pastry will love you in return.”

Tracy and Vicki met while working together as pastry chefs at the Sheraton Hotel in Sydney. Once he took a position at the Ritz-Carlton, Tracy took a leap of faith and asked Vicki out. A year later, in 1995, they married and started to work together once more at their own patisserie. Their vision was to bring the traditional pastries of Europe to their Australian customers, so Gumnut Patisserie seemed like the perfect name. Since then, they’ve found success in three locations: Bowral, Mittagong and Berrima.

The glass-walled Mittagong space lets you see behind the scenes and witness the hard work that goes into producing every perfectly piped pastry. You’ll see the team of apprentices honing their skills under the supervision of Tracy and Vicki. Graduates are proudly featured on the ‘Apprentice Hall of Fame’ – many have started their own successful businesses, and some still work at Gumnut as fully-fledged patissiers. The team also lends their time and expertise to the annual BDCU Childrens Foundation Mental Health Initiative Long Lunch.

Local favourites often sell out early in the morning, and visitors who come by on a weekend afternoon might find the shelves empty, decimated by the morning’s queues. Gumnut’s loyal and longstanding customers often provide the couple with valuable feedback too – if they don’t love something, the recipe will be improved until they do.

With such an established reputation, Tracy and Vicki never compromise on quality. They still use many of the same suppliers as they did two decades ago. Figs come from Louis ‘the Fig Man’ in Colo Vale, strawberries are delivered from a local family farm, and their milkman is still Hus from Dairy Farmers, who delivered their first batch of milk and cream all those years ago.

Morning or afternoon tea wouldn’t be complete without coffee, so after many trials, Tracy and Vicki partnered with Western Sydney’s Di Stefano Roasters for all their caffeine needs.

The award-winning range has everyone’s favourites, and a few treats you’ve never tried. You’ll see the technique and consistency shine through in the team’s croissants, pain au chocolats and brioches. The Gumnut party box of assorted mini tartlets, including banoffee, citron and fruit, make great bite-sized treats, and on the savoury side, butter puff pastry pies and sausage rolls are a lunchtime staple. Eat like the chef does by ordering the lamb and rosemary – it’s Tracy’s favourite!

Don’t miss Gumnut’s unique desserts, like the flourless chocolate mousse cake with a soft caramel centre, or the luscious passionfruit chiboust tart. For special occasions, order ahead for a spectacular iced sponge cake or a decadent raspberry-chocolate mousse cake, or design your own with the team, ensuring it suits the big day.

Tracy and Vicki are equally committed to their craft and their community – it’s no wonder their customers have returned their affections.

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Cnr of Cavendish & Dalton St, Mittagong


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