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The city of Orange has a flourishing food and wine culture, embracing a large number of cafes and restaurants. Standing apart from the rest comes Good Eddy, a cafe that serves up great coffee that shows respect to the entire coffee making process, from bean to cup.

Good Eddy has found a home within this long-standing 1930s building, previously used as a printing works and renovated to fit this modern cafe, whilst maintaining its original charm. This contemporary cafe has a large wooden sign outside its door marked COFFEE so there’s no question as to what they specialise in. A retail space is attached, which also doubles as an exhibition space. Brewing gear is on sale, along with retail beans, beautiful blooms and other little goodies.

Owners, Toby and Maddy Howell, have worked in cafes for their entire careers, fuelling their passion for Specialty Coffee. Toby worked as a roaster at Seven Seeds, and as a Barista at Melbourne’s iconic cafes, Brother Buba Budan and St Ali. Maddy managed a number of leading cafes, most recently Deadman Espresso. Good Eddy is a culmination of experience in the industry and a passion for great coffee. You can be sure that respect has been shown to every link in the process here, from growing the crops through to brewing and serving excellent coffee.

Both manage the cafe while Toby doubles as Head Barista. “We use a number of brew methods, rotating guest coffee roasters, reverse osmosis water filtration systems, great milkshakes for all ages, delicious sweet treats, all set in a tranquil contemporary space with friendly staff,” he said. Good Eddy also explores a variety of guest roasters, changing weekly, allowing Toby to explore a number of fresh crop coffees from Australia’s best boutique roasters.

With a love for all coffee, Toby and Maddy don’t like to limit themselves to certain countries, regions or flavor profiles – they much prefer to base their choices on the product. Some boutique roasters that you can expect to see include Rueben Hills, Small Batch, Proud Mary and Brigade Espresso.

Seven Seeds firmly holds the title of the house blend. Toby’s history with the company was formed around a fondness of the product and the company’s ethics. Roasting with Seven Seeds for many years, he gained a respect for how they source and roast their coffee beans.

As Orange offers up something for everyone, it brings in a diverse clientele and culture that has been embraced by the Good Eddy staff. You can find a hipster sitting down next to an old farmer having a chat. You can find families, friends, corporates and tourists alike. It is the kind of cafe that brings all kinds of people together with a common love for coffee.

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187 Lords Pl, Orange NSW


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