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Not many cafes can say they’ve single-handedly been instrumental in the revitalisation of their local area, but The Glass Onion Society is one of the few that can. Situated in the heart of Long Jetty, in an area that had previously been written off, The Glass Onion Society has seen a cultural rebirth going on right outside its doors. 

For the first time, the central coast region has a hub for the counter-culture, a place where like-minded individuals meet and eat, a place for the artists, the thinkers, the poets, the musicians, and everyone else who is flocking to this brand new, trendy district. Many attribute the transformation of the suburb and its upward growth solely to The Glass Onion Society, and they’re happy to take that mantle and hold it proudly aloft.

Ana Koutoulas and Ben Wright are the brains and the personalities behind this exciting coffee venture; they took a leap of faith and have been rewarded for their courage. As well as creating the cafe they also have an art gallery space where they feature young local artists and host live music events. It’s a true social hub for Long Jetty, and is full of buzz.

The coffee house blend was especially created for The Glass Onion Society. Espressology roasts it for Ana and Ben, using Brazilian, Indian and Ethiopian Djimma coffees. It’s full bodied, has low acidity and is smooth and rich, with chocolate and sweet caramel praline notes. The Glass Onion Society call it “a classic Napoli style blend with a new world zest!” The Ethiopian natural process Djimma contributes the unique natural fermented fruit character, while the Indian washed coffee binds the whole blend together with a rich cocoa aftertaste.

The Glass Onion Society house blend is cellared in a climate-controlled environment prior to delivery, which results in a denser, more stable crema and a smoother tasting espresso than other boutique coffees. What a journey our coffee goes on…

The Glass Onion Society also has a rotating single origin grinder, serving different origins on a weekly basis. Chances are you’ll find one of Ben and Ana’s favourite Ethiopian, Guatemalan or Kenyan single origins waiting for you. If it’s available, try the Kenya Kamuya: a fragrant coffee displaying tropical fruits, honey sweetness, lime acidity and green apple. Or for a deeper, richer cup try the Brazil Progresso Estate, with its brown sugar, cocoa and floral aroma and notes of walnut and honey.

Manager, Matt Richardson, welcomes in a very diverse crowd for breakfast and lunch Tuesday to Sunday. He’s a bonafide coffee addict. Aren’t we all, though? The menu is separated into dishes for Herbivores and dishes for Carnivores. Vegetarians and vegans are well catered for – their only issue is going to be making a selection.

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1/308 The Entrance Rd, Long Jetty NSW


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