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At 15, many teenagers have no idea what they’ll be doing next week, let alone in a few years’ time. For Roxy Joerg, the plan was clear as day: she was going to open a cafe. Eight years later, she did exactly that, throwing open the doors to a patisserie and cafe that celebrates all things chocolate.

Chateau du Chocolat pays tribute to the terrific treat. It acts as the inspiration for a range of delicious food and drink options, all influenced by the flavours and recipes of places like Belgium, France and Switzerland.

Its creation has been a long time coming. When Roxy finished high school, she travelled to Scotland and wider Europe, where she worked as a waitress and pastry chef, all while studying a business management degree online. Inspired by her travels, she returned to Australia to open Chateau du Chocolat.

The chic cafe offers a range of chocolate-based drinks, desserts and cakes, all of which are handmade by Roxy. Each product is made using recipes that have been handed down through the generations, using as much local produce as possible. However, some ingredients, including Swiss and Belgian chocolate, must be imported to ensure Roxy gets the best out of every dish.

On the menu, you’ll find a mix of both sweet and savoury dishes including Belgian waffles, toasted sandwiches and sweets of every size and shape, such as Black Forest Gateaux. For those with a super sweet tooth, indulge in the Brioche Gelato Burger – a soft brioche bun filled with Nutella, your choice of gelato and crushed meringue.

If you’re after something savoury, toasted sandwiches on Turkish bread, frittatas and croissants are all on hand. A seasonal rotation of savoury crepes also keeps things interesting for returning visitors.

Roxy knows that every treat should be accompanied by a delectable drink, so Chateau du Chocolat offers a range of hot and cold drinks to satisfy your every need. Try a Swiss Chocolate Mocha – your choice of dark, milk or white chocolate layered with textured milk, espresso and chocolate flakes; or a Chilli Hot Chocolate – a pinch of the Chateau’s secret chilli mix is added to your choice of chocolate, textured milk and chocolate flakes.

For a warm day, turn to the range of exciting milkshakes made using authentic Italian gelato. The Bubblegum Carnival Shake will inject a little fun into your day, combining Hubba Bubba gelato with white chocolate, fairy floss, lollies and cream.

Adore Estate looks after the coffee, supplying the Jackson blend. Just like the other elements on offer, it’s a rich and aromatic blend that balances caramel overtones and chocolate flavours.

Chateau du Chocolat’s space has a French-chic style, but is calm and inviting. Decorating the walls are beautiful paintings for sale, with noted artist Jane Stapleford featured. During the week, you’ll find older customers enjoying a slice of lemon meringue pie with a coffee, or groups of women stopping by for morning or afternoon tea. Guests are also known to drop in for a box of Roxy’s handmade chocolates – they are sure to spoil someone special!

Whatever the occasion, the decadent desserts and delicious drinks on ofer at Chateau du Chocolat are sure to please all who come by.

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8/220 Lords Pl, Orange


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