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The Blessed Bean Coffee Van delivers quality coffee in a unique and interesting way. The funky Citroën van can be seen at local events, parties, functions and markets, serving some of the best quality coffee in the region.

Blessed Bean owners, Jason and Simone Dowding, ‘live, breathe and love’ the coffee bean, and their coffee van is all about sharing this passion with the world. The couple know coffee has the power to unite people, but understand that not everyone can make it to their cafe and espresso bar in Wagga Wagga. Their solution was to create a coffee van that could come to the people and spread the Blessed Bean philosophy.

The van reflects the character and philosophy of the entire Blessed Bean business – it is based on a respect for coffee and its origin and is about providing a space where people can come to connect with each other and with the bean. You could be mistaken for thinking the Blessed Bean is just another coffee roaster, but you would be wrong – these guys are truly passionate about every step of the coffee-making process. They have relationships with coffee growers and get to know every detail about the beans that they are using.

No one is more passionate about this than Head Roaster, Matthew Willis. Matt has an unparalleled thirst for sourcing and roasting the best seasonal coffee from around the globe. He uses 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee, grown in idyllic coffee regions between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. This area is an optimal environment for growing coffee and makes for the best tasting brew at the end of the process.

After the beans are selected from the farms, the coffee is transported to Wagga Wagga where it is roasted using the best equipment on the market. The talented baristas at Blessed Bean then use expert coffee machines to brew a delicious and complex tasting espresso every time, regardless of the blend you choose.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try a cup of The Hombre. Embodying the essence at the core of every man, this coffee boasts deep chocolate and hazelnut flavours with a mysterious tobacco flavour. Its subtle acidity and medium body brings balance to the brew, making it a reliable pick-me-up at any time of day.

If the coffee is not enough to entertain you, you can marvel at the van, which oozes character. The edgy style of the vehicle reflects the Blessed Bean’s dedication to old-fashioned service and style. The inside of the van has been renovated to include Tasmanian oak benches and stainless steel corrugated spaces to continue the old fashioned theme that’s on the outside. The result is a unique retro look that conveys quality and class.

While the Blessed Bean Coffee Van may be small, it has a big heart and a great mission. Jason and Simone are determined to use the van and the overall Blessed Bean brand to connect people and make a difference the only way they know how – by bringing them freshly roasted specialty coffee on a regular basis.

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