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Belmondos Organic Market is something of an institution for the inhabitants of Noosa and for southern Queensland foodies in general. Its reputation for excellence has spread far and wide with a diverse group of food lovers who drive up from Brisbane and from all over the east coasts to sample the gourmet delights.

Belmondos opened in 2007 as a co-op for Noosa’s restaurants but soon sparked interest among local food lovers and became a favourite place to ‘shop like a chef.’ In 2014 Belmondos pulled all unhealthy products off its shelves and focused on certified organic and whole foods.

Belmondos offers the people of Noosa an opportunity to buy certified organic fruit and vegetables and pantry goods from a variety of producers and suppliers. Vanilla Food features a daily selection of breakfast, lunch and ready to take home healthy inspired meals. ACO certified organic Noosa Cleanse offers cold pressed juices, broths and nut milks and Bio Shop Noosa provides all your organic grocery needs from fresh fruit and veggie to take home staples.  Eumundi Meats specialises in certified organic and pasture raised meat and poultry and Tanglewood Bakery offers an artisan sourdough range. Yukti Botanicals also adds another element to the space – offering a range of Ayurvedic treatments and supplements.

The choice to offer a wide range of products to their discerning customers sparked the idea to include specialty coffee too. Brothers, Ryan and Jaxon Taylor, set up Clandestino Roasters Specialty Coffee in Belmondos with a shared passion for the drink and for all things of premier quality. Ryan’s vision was clear – he wanted to create the best coffee experience on the Sunshine Coast.

Business-wise it made perfect sense to provide coffee to their shoppers, allowing customers to enjoy a perfect coffee as they pondered over the finest ingredients for dinner.

The irresistible aromas of freshly roasted coffee waft throughout the market so it’s no surprise the staff at Belmondos are now coffee afficionados.  Clandestino Roasters run an espresso bar within the market offering a daily single estate and micro lot coffees as espresso, brewed or whole bean. It also stocks an extensive range of premium coffee making equipment for the home barista.

The market, located in the industrial area of town, shows that looks can be deceiving. The steel and concrete-based exterior gives way to a lively and colourful interior that is best described as a foodie’s heaven.

There aren’t many places that you can complete a full food journey in the one building. Start at the cafe inside a New York–style deli, serving breakfast and lunch, before visiting the butcher, baker and grocery. You’ll leave with a full stomach, full shopping bags and full of inspiration for your next meal.

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59 Rene Street, Noosaville QLD


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