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Snuggled into the picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland town of Maleny, Brouhaha Brewery is making waves with its exceptional beer.

After being open for just over a year, the independent brewpub has managed to pick up a Best Brewer award at the inaugural Queensland beer awards (The Beeries), as well as two silvers and four bronze medals at the 2017 Craft Beer Awards. They were also honoured with a Slow Food Noosa Inc. Snail of Approval Award.

Dedicated to keeping their brewing practices as sustainable as possible, Brouhaha has teamed up with an array of local Maleny producers and farmers to complete what they like to think of as a ‘circle-of-life’. Grain is the classic byproduct of the brewing process and rather than throwing the bulk of this straight in the bin, Brouhaha instead donates it to the farmers at Maleny Wagyu cows, who then allow the Brouhaha kitchen to hand select their own fresh beef. Selection of the beef is done in collaboration with Maple Streets Butcher who also make Milk Stout and Maleny Wagyu Bangers, using Brouhaha Stout. Additionally, Maleny Food Co makes a Raspberry Saison Sorbet using Brouhaha’s Raspberry Saison beer. This snout to tail mentality means that nothing goes to waste and they even create a Brouhaha dog food from their meat offcuts.

Maleny as a town is on the smaller end of the scale, so taking advantage of the tightknit community and beautiful fresh produce is almost second nature to the Brouhaha team, and the quality of the beer and food they create reflects this passion for local produce to a ‘t’. Each dish is infused with local produce from the Maleny Wagyu Ragu to the Brouhaha beer battered fish of the day. It is hard to resist a lazy afternoon sipping on a few pints of Brouhaha’s best beers and snacking on baked goats cheese served with walnuts, Sam’s honey and toasted bread, lemon pepper calamari with aioli and lemon, or simply a baked mini baguette topped with lashings of truffle butter.

Founded by locals for locals, there is a great deal of pride ingrained into the Brouhaha philosophy. They have managed to design a business that not only offers diners a delicious meal and top-quality beer but also reassurance that eating and drinking sustainably is not a difficult task. This place is a must for any beer-loving Queenslander, eager to explore their own backyard.

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6/39 Coral Street, Maleny QLD


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