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The spectacle of Australia’s red centre is unlike any other in the world. The ancient desert landscape plays spiritual home to the world’s oldest living culture, the Indigenous Australians. At its heart stands the magnetic presence of Uluru and, nearby to the west, is Kata Tjuta, the rock’s World Heritage-listed partner.

The best place to watch the ever-changing light show unfold is at Longitude 131°. Offering an unrivalled location that boasts one of Australia’s most famous natural icons in its backyard, Longitude 131° is a unique experience that heralds a place on one’s bucket list. Nestled among rust-red dunes, the gathering of pavilions raises the notion of outback luxury to rockstar heights.

Lodge Executive Chef, Mark Godbeer, creates dishes that showcase the best produce sourced from around the country; think Cape Grim from Tasmania, barramundi from Cone Bay in Western Australia and oysters from South Australia’s Coffin Bay. Alongside this fine produce, Mark and his kitchen team incorporate many bush ingredients as well as Indigenous cooking techniques in the daily changing menus, adding a local flavour and texture to the dining experience.

Rather than being traditionally seasonal, Mark’s dining concept aligns itself with the local Anangu seasons, which identify with three of the region’s strongest climate characteristics – the Kuli or ‘hot time’, the Nyinnga or ‘cold time’, and the Piriakutu when the winds blow from the northwest and the food plants begin to flower.

Dine overlooking the nation’s spiritual heart in the Dune House restaurant or at Table 131°, the lodge’s exclusive outdoor dining event. The sense of being in a natural theatre is heightened by the chefs who work by torch-light to present four sumptuous courses. Later, the lodge guide regales the gathering with tales of the Southerly constellations glowing brightly above.

As a whole, Longitude 131° celebrates the sunburnt country in all its glory and offers a dining experience to match, ringing the best of the nation’s produce to the centre. Artfully mixed with the flavours and stories of the land’s ancient culture, guests are treated to a real taste of Australia. Come to think of it, forget the bucket list – Longitude 131° deserves to be on your must-do list.

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Yulara Drive, Yulara, Northern Territory


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