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Hawkers Beer is a no fuss, stylish, and consistently high quality brand that makes some incredible brews. No commercial tricks or stunts pollute the products, which is why this brewery has been so quickly catapulted into burgeoning popularity.

Hawkers is the frothy success born from the passion and commitment of Mazen Hajjar and Joseph Abboud (Moor’s Head and Rumi). Mazen, a former war photographer and founder of two airlines, also founded 961 Beer, the only microbrewery in Lebanon. A testament to his skill, 961 Beer now exports its products to more than 26 countries.

The brewery is named after the earliest Lebanese immigrants in Australia, who were called hawkers – a description of their tendency to travel from place-to-place selling goods. Mazen and Joseph found themselves mimicking their Lebanese ancestors whilst ‘hawking’ 961 Beer during an early trip to Sydney, leading them to settle on the name, Hawkers Beer.

The combination of Mazen’s brewing experience and Joseph’s culinary expertise creates well-balanced beers that drink just as well at the pub as they do when coupled with a great meal.

Hawkers Beer has had the accolades rolling in since its very first keg pour. The highly aromatic Pale Ale won the 2015 People’s Choice Award at Geelong’s Great Australian Beer Festival just two days after its release. Just a few weeks later the entire line was sold out, and the bottles have been flying out the door ever since.

The brewery currently offers an American-style pale ale, a traditional pilsner, an IPA and a saison. And it is likely to release more selections in 2016. Each brew is complex and refreshing, ensuring that picking a slab to take home will be a very difficult task. Even the owners admit they don’t have a favourite – but that’s totally understandable, it’s hard to pick between your kids.

Hawkers Beer has a reputation that is only growing, creating such an enormous demand that even their ginormous brewing capacity might not suffice. It’s the rejection of commercial gimmicks and the bold, but not overbearing flavours that have made this exciting new Melbourne brewery blossom.




Words by Georgie MacRae, who loves haggis and red velvet equally, but not together.

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167 Henty St, Reservoir VIC


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