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Take a stroll through Fitzroy and you’ll have no trouble finding a hip restaurant serving street-style food. But Trippy Taco is one of the original kids on the block and continues to serve up fresh Mexican flavours with a chilled out vibe and vegie twist.

Simon Fischer had been an avid taco lover long before fresh Mexican grew to be the popular food of choice amongst many Melburnians. Living and working in LA in the mid ’90s, he would escape to Mexico at any chance to do nothing other than surf, drink, eat tacos and repeat. After learning how to make his own fresh corn tortillas and salsas, the taco enthusiast travelled back to Australia, vowing to replicate the fresh tastes he had discovered. Plenty of taco dinner parties later, Simon decided to try his luck at winning the public over with his unique take on Mexican cuisine.

Trippy Taco was born as a food truck that made its way through popular summer festivals. In 2006 the business traded its explorer lifestyle for a permanent residence in Smith Street. Five years later crowds ooded the popular eatery, and so it relocated just around the corner to a larger space in Gertrude Street. It has been providing refreshing tastes to locals with the all-important relaxed Mexican vibe ever since. Melbourne clearly can’t get enough of these ‘trippy’ tastes as Simon opened a second restaurant in St Kilda to feed the hungry south-siders.

The menu is a celebration of all things fresh. Simon prides himself on making his own fresh corn tortillas to order, something that’s hard to find elsewhere. The exclusion of meat isn’t really a business strategy to di erentiate Trippy Taco amongst the Mexican wave of Fitzroy, but rather Simon’s passion to showcase how simple ingredients can create delicious delights.

While the menu is a serious tribute to tacos, there is still plenty of variety on offer. If you’re hard pressed for choice, why not try where it all began with the original Trippy Taco, featuring fresh made corn tortillas topped with cheese, black beans, salsa, salad, avocado and a squeeze of fresh lime.

If you like your avour wrapped up, try the tofu asada burrito with spicy char-grilled tofu, mozzarella, goat’s cheese, salad, salsa, avocado and lime. There are other options available amongst the taco tributes, including nachos or sweet corn tamale steamed in corn husk.

Everyone loves a bit of all-day breakfast. Trippy Taco inserts its own air into the classic morning meal with the scrambled eggs, cheese and salsa tacos, burritos or quesadillas.

Mexicans know how to throw a good party and Simon and his team continue this tradition with the drinks menu. You can’t say no to a classic margarita or sangria, or the diverse range of tequila on offer. But if you want to stay out of trouble, there is also a range of traditional beers for you to choose from.

Every visit to Trippy Taco sees Melburnians continue to thank their lucky stars that Simon made a business out of his deep love a air with tacos, creating a quirky standout amongst Fitzroy’s relaxed dining scene.

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234 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC


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