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Step inside this restaurant and you’ll immediately understand why Smith & Daughters has developed a cult following in a little over a year. This is the home of delicious and ethically conscious, animal-free food. It’s just good vibes, incredible flavours and staff so great you’ll want to them to be your new friends.

The restaurant sits perfectly in Fitzroy – a melting pot of creativity and community with a growing reputation for food, art and creative living. Head Chef, Shannon Martinez and co-owner, Mo Wyse, have created a 100% plant- based menu, from the booze to the food; there isn’t an inch of meat in sight. Together they’ve shifted the focus from the vegan label, and created a following around their tasty menus in a friendly, home-away-from-home environment that fosters loyalty and nurtures fans.

The customers here are loyal, and that will be obvious as soon as you take a seat for a meal. All around you diners are returning with new friends to try the delectable meat-free cuisine that destroys any stereotypes about vegan food. Shannon uses the best organic, local ingredients wherever possible – all of the fruit and vegetables are sourced from a fruit and veg shop down the road and local farmers from the area bring deliveries picked straight from their crops, every day.

The menu changes with the seasons, and Shannon’s clan of returning customers trust her enough to indulge in her experimentations. If you order a morcilla – expect to have everything you know about blood sausage turned on its delicious, vegan head. The tuna and green pea croquettas and tacos con ensalads are just too good to pass, while the delicious dessert offerings have included sangria crumble with saffron custard, Aztec chocolate tart with avocado ice cream and warm Spanish doughnuts filled with quince paste.

When you get thirsty try one of the many creative cocktails, including the signature jalapeño cucumber and coriander margarita, the manzana a la parilla: grilled apples, lime, mint and whiskey or the basil luchador: a zesty blend of gin, sugar syrup, fresh muddled lemon and basil.

The venue is an institution in itself, with a rich and varied history; built in 1886 it was the first pub on the street, and the very same bluestones remain there today. It has since been a pub, a boarding house, a small one-room theatre, and by the ‘70s it was known as the “Marijuana House,” the legendary Bob Marley was even a resident in the mid ‘70s.

If you’re sceptical of vegan cuisine, come to Smith & Daughters with an open mind and prepare to have that scepticism forever changed. This incredible outfit is growing from strength to strength, and deservedly so. With the addition of nearby Smith & Deli we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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175 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC


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