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Beer buffs, put 351 Smith Street into your GPS – it’s your newest destination for all things brew-related. The team behind Slow Beer are opening yet another outpost, spreading their love of the good stuff even further.

The slow beer concept is an extension of the slow food movement, which originated in Europe; it’s all about understanding regional uniqueness, the history of beer, and taking the time to appreciate the end product.

Hailing from a background in wine, Chris Menichelli and Stewart Went are the owners of Cloudwine, a fine wine store in South Melbourne. After watching their beer range in store start to grow and evolve, they felt it was time to expand into a dedicated beer store to the give the love, attention and time that was deserved to the humble brew.

Slow Beer in Collingwood isn’t your average bottle-O. Expect wall-to-wall of eclectic beers, passionate and knowledgeable staff who are always looking to help you find the perfect bottle and a food menu that focuses on cheese – Chris’ recommendation for the ultimate beer food – charcuterie, and light snacks that all pair perfectly with the craft beers on offer.

The range of beers are carefully selected by Chris to ensure there are examples of various beer styles rather than just showcasing everything and anything. The shelves aren’t filled with pale ales just because they’re popular, they are ensuring the stock is a balanced representation of styles, breweries and countries.

Chris is all about exploring new beer trends and supporting local breweries, such as Boatrocker – a brewery in country Victoria that is creating exciting barrel-aged beers in both light, sour styles, as well as rich, darker styles and experiment with things like raspberry, coffee and bourbon barrel aged beers – just to keep things interesting.

A visit to Slow Beer is more than just picking up six-pack, it’s about taking the time to really understand the nuances and characteristics of beer and appreciating this often underrated beverage.

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351 Smith St, Fitzroy, Vic


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