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Burgers are on the menu all week but, when Thursday night comes around, NSHRY transforms into a “Burger Night” destination par excellence. If you are planning on heading down there on a Thursday, make sure you book.

Michael’s Umami burger has won many accolades amongst burger lovers. “Umami” is known as the “fifth taste”, which the Japanese recognise as a savoury flavour that sits alongside sweet, sour salty and bitter in food.

The patty is a 200gram combination of wagyu and Angus beef, producing a mouth-watering taste. The fatty meat of the wagyu beef binds the patty and the Angus provides the boost of flavour that sets the burger apart. It is grilled on both sides to seal in the juices and then placed in the oven to maintain its tenderness. Gruyere cheese is placed atop the patty to slowly melt. The onion jam is cured and nurtured for at least eight hours and the accompanying mushroom sauce is rich and flavoursome. Tomato is meticulously sliced and slowly oven roasted before the patty is fastidiously
adorned with the onion jam, tomato and then blanketed by a parmesan crisp. It is then all housed in a brioche bun.

This amazing piece of burger artistry is served with thick cut beer-battered chips, cornichons, slaw and three different chip-dipping options: ketchup, spicy kewpie and wasabi kewpie. You’ll find that Michael and Jenny have nailed the perfect meal size with their creation.

Come summertime NSHRY is heaving with patrons. This venue is very versatile so you can book it out for a function, enjoy a casual winter’s lunch, sit out and drink a few beers in the sun or take your grandma there for Sunday brunch.

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