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Kustom Burgers is feeding Melbourne’s obsession with burgers, one juicy patty at a time. Paul Hendrie’s passion for all things cars and meat is what inspired Kustom Burgers, and you’ll be feeling like you’ve stepped straight into the 1950s with an old-school diner, rock and roll music and enough meat to feed a nation.

Paul’s family owned and operated a number of hotels and so he grew up learning about the hospitality industry, but his passion for food was born whilst working on a tug boat as a cook. After coming up with the idea to use old car parts as shop furniture and fittings, he was able to develop the Kustom brand and build the shop with his best mate, his Dad.

Furniture and light fittings are made using old parts of cars, and there’s even a 1942 Commer truck and the back of the truck has a scalextric race track to amuse the patrons. Kustom Burgers is home to an open kitchen where customers can be part of all the burger flippin’, cheese meltin’ and lettuce toppin’ they could ever dream of.

Working with local suppliers Head Chef, David Rogan, is able to create tasty sauces, delicious patties and the freshest fillings, all combined in an old-school style bun or a sweet brioche. The 100% grass-fed beef comes from Tasmania, all the fruit and vegetables are sourced locally, the buns are from the local baker and the special sauces are all made in house.

The burger menu is extensive, with every delicious avour combination you could think of. And each one is named a after an old car. Keep it simple with the F150 Kustom Burger packed with a 100% grass fed beef patty, bacon, American cheese, pickles, cooked onion, lettuce, tomato sauce and Kustom Mustard. If you’re feeling brave, grab a glass of water and prepare for the Hot Rod Chilli Burger, with a beef patty, bacon, American cheese, onion, jalapeños, and your choice of spicy BBQ sauce or chilli chipotle mayo. It comes with a warning though, so don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Chicken lovers unite for the Impala Southern Fried Buttermilk Chicken burger, with a juicy piece of southern fried buttermilk chicken that’s coated with Kustom’s secret herbs and spices and topped with cheese, jalapeños, Kustom chipotle mayo and signature slaw. There’s also a vegetarian burger option available. And no meal is complete without something crispy and fried. Go for the deep-fried pickles with Kustom sauce, the Hub Cap fries with tomato sauce, or the turbo chilli fries that are covered in house made chilli con carne, jalapeños and cheese sauce.

Old-school diners have long been synonymous with ice cream, lollies and delicious milkshakes. Kustom Burgers has a knockout dessert menu, with a range of Pat and Stick’s ice cream sandwiches as well as ice cream by the tub. There are milkshakes, spiders, and classic lollies such as wagon wheels, musk sticks, Big Boss, redskins and more. There’s even a hamburger cupcake designed by Nine Cupcakes. We’re sold.

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861 High St, Thornbury VIC


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