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The Hunky Dory story started in 2004 with the vision of Greg Robotis, who comes from a long line of fisherman dating back to the Greek island Lemnos. As a small boy he was raised in his family fish and chip shop in Altona. From age 12, Robotis was working at the ‘chippo’ even during school holidays, which made him very envious of the other kids enjoying their childhood. This was enough to drive Greg out of the game for good. He was only lured back after a discussion with a friend, James Nezos, who managed to convince Robotis to return to the darkside. They decided that there was something special that could be done on the fish and chip shop scene. Robotis wanted to do something different, he wanted to serve fresh and healthy fish and chips. Australians are accustomed to many different fish and chip styles, Robotis has managed to turn it into modern dining experience.

In 2011, Hunky Dory South Yarra was born. At the new densely populated river end of Chapel St, Hunky Dory found its home in an amazing location with extremely high foot traffic (probably a lot to do with Hunky Dory). It is a great place to sit and enjoy a fresh fish and chip feed, whilst feeling guilt free as the number of gym-goers make their way past in this gym-district of South Yarra. Hunky Dory serves fish with salad and rice as healthy options (obviously chips are available). You will not hear a bad word about Hunky Dory from anyone who has eaten there. What makes this place so impressive is – yes they serve healthy fresh food, however when it comes to old school fish’n’chips, they nail it. The chips are hot, crispy and perfectly salted, the fish is perfectly fried and lightly salted, the dimmies are hot and crispy and perfectly salted, and the potato cakes are juicy and golden brown.

At Hunky Dory, the burgers are no exception to their other fare. They are light, served on a floured damper-style bun, with lettuce and sauce. You should add cheese and bacon just to be smart. The patty is a refined fish’n’chip shop patty and it suits this venue like the sword in the stone. Surely there is no better way to spend a summer evening than tucking in to a delicious fresh cheeseburger, some steaming hot dimmies and some delicious golden brown chips. It provides the perfect opportunity to relax before heading out to one of the many bars on Chapel St; either that or just head down for lunch or dinner on a weekday after a workout.

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Shop 17/670 Chapel Street, South Yarra


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