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There’s a trail of fox footprints growing around Melbourne and there’s only one fox to blame. With a cheeky disposition and a fondness for healthy, seasonal and nourishing food, Foxes Den will have you feeling satisfied after just one visit.

Owners, Hayden Dyt and Tony Mims, are the ones responsible for the concept. The duo were inspired by their own food experiences and set out to create a venue that would fulfill their cravings. Tired of feeling bloated and unsatisfied with the range of takeaway lunches that Melbourne had to offer, the pair created a range of fresh and seasonal dishes for modern, healthy customers. They created a cheeky personality called The Fox for their new venture, representing their personalities and motivations for starting their business.

Hayden and Tony wanted the Fox to feel right at home. You will too, in spaces
that are influenced by its natural habitat, with a hint of his taste in urban design.
The hero colour is orange, while timbers and natural materials are also incorporated throughout.
The neutral-toned salad bars are filled to the brim with an abundant rainbow of mouth-watering salads that will have you walking out energetic, revived and ready to take on your day.

Nothing beats a home cooked meal. At Foxes Den, everything is made in-house, with ingredients that have been carefully sourced from local suppliers and growers. There are no chemicals, hormones or preservatives in sight, and the menu is mostly sugar free. Chickens are ethically and mindfully sourced from a local farm, where the free-range animals have plenty of freedom to roam.

‘The neutral-toned salad bars are filled to the brim with an abundant rainbow of mouth-watering salads.’

The salads are made fresh daily, and are perfectly suited for single serves, group lunches or larger family get-togethers. Foxes love their protein, so pick up a quarter, half, or whole chicken, perfectly paired with salad and perhaps a cheeky side of chips or roast veggies. If you’re after something you can wrap your hands around, order a hot chicken roll with gravy or mayo, an Asian style roll with plum sauce and coriander or the classic smashed avo with tomato and rocket.

If you’re not so keen on meat, go for the ‘not chicken’ roll with grilled mushrooms, chipotle mayo, feta, tomato and rocket. Curries, meatballs and soups are also available, so try the North African chicken curry, or the healing vegetable soup.

Foxes Den also offers home-made sweet treats that are preservative, gluten and cane sugar free, meaning you can have your cake and eat it too.

For a meal that will have you feeling great, it’s hard to look past Foxes Den. The Fox has buried down in multiple locations – Elwood, Port Melbourne, Richmond and Malvern – meaning you can find honest food that injects a spring in your step all over the city.

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184 Swan St, Richmond VIC


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