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Danny's Burgers is a true Melbourne institution, who have been perfecting their burgers since its establishment in 1945. 

Owner, Johnny Nalpantidis, was trained as a chef by Ian Curley of The European Group, whilst co-owner Adam Barry could previously be found running the Exchange Hotel. Johnny has been involved with Danny’s since 2003, with Adam being welcomed into the team in 2006. Bringing their experiences from previous ventures, the pair has created an experience at Danny’s like no other.

The venue pumps out a plethora of burgers each week using only the freshest ingredients, which makes for a consistently high-quality product. Morgan’s Bakery in West Melbourne supplies their burger buns, and the mince for their burger patties comes from Ivanhoe Meats, using their premium minced chuck steak. The patties, also incorporating bread, eggs, salt and pepper, champion the high quality of meat used. Danny’s provides a dining atmosphere just like Cheers, where everybody knows your name.

Danny’s Triple Cheese Burger comes with three succulent patties each adorned with grilled onions. The patties are placed delicately atop a bed of the freshest shredded iceberg lettuce and then crowned by a slice of cheddar. The bun, a classic sesame seed topped burger bun, is toasted to perfection with a classic tomato sauce. The burger arrives dissected down the middle for ease of eating. Serviettes and extra sauce bottles are ready at hand (a couple of serviettes will be required if intending to impress a date or client).

If you are up for the challenge, one famed patron had three triple lot burgers in one sitting, equating to 1.5kg of beef. Also, another customer not only downed a lot burger but also a side of 40 dim sims. Food feats aside, there is a reason Danny’s Burgers has withstood the test of time. Having featured on Channel Nine’s Postcards, A Current Affair and several magazines, Danny’s Burgers is ingrained in Melbourne’s culinary history.

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360 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North, VIC


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