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As the head chef of Melbourne institution, Vue de monde, a frequent guest judge on MasterChef and the author of six culinary books detailing global cuisines, there’s no denying that Shannon Bennett has done Australia’s culinary world proud.

Despite being at the height of his fine dining career, Shannon has gone back-to-basics with a new burger joint, Benny Burger, the highly anticipated ethical burger venue that opened its doors to Melbourne’s burger buffs on 17 June. The name is a nod to Shannon’s father Benny, whose backyard burgers were so good that his son was still lusting after them decades later.

Combining his top tier cooking finesse with high quality, ethical and sustainable suppliers that already provide for the Vue Group, Benny Burger burgers are nothing short of top quality that cost neither a fortune nor the earth.

Every beef burger is made with certified, chemical-free Arcadian beef, every chip from Gembrook potatoes and every biodynamic bun baked fresh from Burnham Bakery. The Benny Burger team worked alongside Pure Dairy to create a unique burger cheese that you’ll only find on Benny Burger burgers. The cheese is so tasty, it recently won “Best Australian Cheese” at the International Cheese Awards.

To taste for yourself, order The Chang burger and sink your teeth into a premium Australian Blackmores Wagyu patty, pickled beetroot relish and a fried egg. Vegetarians are well and truly catered for in the Yoga Burger, showcasing all that Australia’s heaving veggie market has to offer with a beetroot and chickpea pattie, organic lettuce, beetroot relish and a drizzle of chipotle mayo to ‘add a little Namaste to your day’. Meanwhile, Goulburn Valley Farm provides eggs for those Aussie bacon and egg rolls, crucial to the quintessential hangover cure.

Chowing down these blissful buns can be thirsty work – remedy this with a salted caramel shake or organic soda from Hepburn Springs, a cup of freshly brewed 5 Senses coffee or for something a little stronger, a beer on tap or a Victorian vino by the glass.

The only thing better than a big juicy burger is a big juicy ethically made burger, and the only place to go is Benny’s.

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95 Swan Street, Richmond VIC


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