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Ever wondered what your exercise instructor eats and drinks? At the Village Store in Yarraville, wonder no more – its shelves are filled with products that local wellness professionals recommend, meaning you can move, eat and drink like the experts.

The independent gourmet supermarket is owned and operated by Daniel and Jackie Anderson. After 30 years in corporate management and retail respectively, the husband-and-wife team was looking for an independent business that they could further develop and enjoy with their children. When the Village Store popped up, it was the ideal opportunity.

Fitting right into the community atmosphere in Yarraville, the Village Store offers its customers a range of organic, sustainably sourced vegetables, nuts, fruits, seeds, wholegrains and dairy products, as well as a selection of ethically sourced meats.

Daniel and Jackie have worked hard to develop and maintain relationships with local independent
suppliers as well as creating a strong working relationship with Feeling Healthy. Feeling Healthy is a natural health hub that works to encourage health ideals and educate, empower and support its participants to be proactive in making healthy food choices.

There is a major health focus, allowing visitors to take care of their body from the inside out. Stop by to try new favourites with a number of tastings held each month, or stock up on your go-to products. Breakfast buffs will love the range from The Wild, Get Farmed, Koja, Neha’s and Mojo’s Muesli.

‘There is a major health focus, allowing visitors to take care of their body from the inside out.’

Culinary connoisseurs will appreciate the selection of exotic spices and oils from brands such as Screaming Seeds Spice Co, Azuleijo and Ashbolt, while the basics come courtesy of the Stock Merchant, Botanical Cuisine and Daylesford’s Real Free Range Eggs. Head to the left for all your deli needs, with an overflowing range of crackers, nuts, dips, fruit pastes, cured meats, cheeses, olives and other antipasto goodies.

Sweet tooths won’t be left wanting, with a range of treats ready and waiting. The Truffle & Wine Co supplies truffle honey, while Pana Chocolate and Loving Earth treats cover the shelves. Mayvers peanut butter and almond spreads also appear near the Asterisk Kitchen’s French meringues and biscuits.

Mums-to-be and those with newborns are also catered for through a selection of pregnancy and lactation biscuits from local supplier Franjos Kitchen.

With the aim to be an all-in-one shop, there’s also a range of alcoholic products on offer, with many local and regional wines, craft beers and ciders on full display. The Village Store’s reach also extends beyond food and drink. Pop something from Olieve and Olie or Coconut Revolution skincare into your basket to truly pamper yourself.

For the complete shopping experience, it’s hard to look past The Village Store. With a comprehensive selection of organic and sustainable produce on offer, it’s a one-stop shop for all your grocery needs.

Locate The Village Store

6 Anderson St, Yarraville, Victoria, Australia


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