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A good craftsman never blames his tools – but it doesn’t hurt to have the best tools you can find. For most foodies, this includes a quality set of knives, and Japanese knives are some of the best. They are thinner, harder and sharper than most – all characteristics that lead to the perfect chop, slice and dice, time after time.

So where do you get your hands on one of these sought after blades. When you’re in Melbourne’s CBD there’s no better place than Tanto. Located in QT Melbourne is Tanto – a specialised Japanese knife store.

Tanto sells expertly crafted Suisin knives sourced by 10th generation sword makers from legendary Sakai; the heart and soul of traditional Japanese knife production.

With sashimi-sharp edges and unmatched elegance, Japanese knives are some of the best in the world, and in Sakai, craftsmen, or shokunin, have been making them for hundreds of years. Sakai is famously known across Japan as the place shokunin forged katanas for samuari in the 14th century, and these age-old practices influence how knives are made today.

The Suisin Collection was born from creator Junro Aoki; the second son of the Aoki Knife Craft family, who created his own cherished knife brand in 1990. During the twenty years he spent learning his craft, the young and energetic knife craftsman dreamed of someday creating knives that would combine the traditional qualities of Sakai-style knife-crafting techniques with more modern designs.

Knives of such calibre need specialised care and attention – no ordinary knife sharpener will do. Tanto is more than happy to help you treat your kitchen treasures with care. It’s the place in Melbourne to have your prized possessions expertly sharpened by a Suisin apprentice, using rare Japanese knife sharpening equipment. This added bonus is ideal for Melbourne chefs who are soaking up the eclectic ambience at neighbouring Hot Sauce Laneway Bar.

Locate Tanto Knife Store

133 Russell St, Melbourne VIC


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