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When you’re passionate about wellbeing, it doesn’t take long for the ethos of healthy living to spread to all corners of your life. Rushmore Coffee provides a healthy and ethically sustainable approach to your morning caffeine hit.

When friends Bulut Karabulut, Dustin Bailey and Kate Bradley, from Kenkō Kitchen, decided to learn more about their health, their coffee habits changed too. Once they stopped adding sugar and milk to their morning coffee, all the little imperfections in the cup immediately became more apparent.

The trio had stumbled across cold brew coffee in the USA and immediately fell in love with the naturally smooth flavour profile and lower acidity compared with espresso-based coffee. Despite Melbourne’s love affair with coffee, cold brew was often overlooked when it came to caffeinated beverages, so Bulut, Dustin and Kate decided to introduce Melbourne to the concept.

It took a great leap of faith for three friends in their twenties with no formal coffee training to start producing coffee. Without much technical knowledge to fall back on, they let their palates guide them, helping to refine their product.

While flavour is an important part of Rushmore Coffee, sustainability and a sense of place is just as essential. The team focus on single origin beans, and are currently brewing a fair-trade and organic Ethiopian Sidamo. As the seasons change and the product availability shifts, this is bound to change, but Bulut, Dustin and Kate’s commitment to origin is sure to remain.

Every aspect of the end product is carefully considered, even down to the packaging. A commitment to sustainability sees the company eschew plastic bottles, instead focusing on beautiful amber bottles. Not only do the bottles minimise exposure to light, extending the life of the coffee, glass is also the best material to sterilise and minimise any foreign taste. In a further effort to avoid plastic, each bottle is screen printed with Rushmore’s simple and beautiful branding, designed by the talented James Roger. Bulut, Dustin and Kate screen print the apothecary style vessels themselves so that every bottle of Rushmore Coffee has their own unique touch.

Rushmore Coffee is to be congratulated for delivering a delicious product while still managing to remain committed to wellbeing and the environment. This summer, instead of ordering an iced latte, try reaching for a cold brew instead.

Find out more about Rushmore’s story or purchase cold brew at Rushmore Coffee.

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