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Locally roasted beans meet coffee capsules. Like so many great inventions, it’s a combination that has triggered many ‘a-ha’ moments, making you wonder why someone hasn’t thought of it before.

Business consultants and creators of said brilliance are Ben Goodman and Elliot Haralambous, who found that working long and unfavourable hours meant their favourite coffee spots weren’t open to facilitate their caffeine addiction.

The alternative was the office coffee machine – and while the coffee did its job, it wasn’t delivering the same level of satisfaction as a latte from their favourite local roasters did. That’s when the idea sparked to put specialty coffee from local cafes into capsules – ensuring the perfect cup was available at any time of the day.

Melbourne’s passionate coffee culture has made Pod & Parcel a popular alternative for coffee drinkers who once felt restricted by the limited choices for their pod machines. Ben and Elliot noticed a bump in sales when a new roaster was introduced, reinforcing the demand for discovering new coffee blends, rather than just sticking to the norm.

To meet this demand Pod & Parcel offers a monthly ‘Explore Melbourne’ membership, which delivers beans from some of Melbourne’s best coffee roasters to your door, meaning you are always kept up to date with the latest and greatest of the city’s coffee scene.

Once delivered to your door, Pod & Parcel is determined that you enjoy barista-level coffee at home, so have done everything they can to make it as easy as possible. The pods contain high-grade coffee, so extraction time is slightly longer. However, this definitely isn’t a bad thing: a longer stay at the optimal extraction point results in a smoother and richer end product.

Ben and Elliot also recommend using each capsule only once to avoid burning the coffee – after all, if your barista wouldn’t do it, why should you? Using distilled water is also ideal as it runs through the capsule more efficiently.

Ben and Elliot have found a goldmine. In harnessing Melbourne’s collective love of coffee, they’ve produced a concept that many didn’t know they needed until it was right in front of them. With no signs of slowing down any time soon, the opportunities for the future are endless.


Words by Lara Ruffolo

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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