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From lunchbox snacks to after dinner treats, Kew Organics has everything anyone could need to fill their pantry, their fridge and their belly.

Kew Organics is truly a family business. Upon popping your head in, you might find owner and operator Jack Verbeek adjusting products on one of the shelves he built and installed, his wife Nilda behind the counter, or his children Josh and Jess helping out behind the scenes. However, it doesn’t end there, with staff members Bridey, Adrienne and Lisa (amongst others) ready to help wherever possible. They may not hold the same surname, but are well and truly etched into the foundations of the business.

It’s this family-first approach, as well as their commitment to providing organic produce to the community, that keeps customers coming back for more. Through the store, they have built a group of like- minded people who strive to serve their customers and deliver fresh, high quality produce every day of the week.

Jack knows the ins and outs of the supermarket chains a little too well. Stepping away from Woolworths after 20 years of service, he began eating organic food and searching for a more rewarding career. He was drawn to the idea of opening his own organic business and as they say, the rest is history.

He took the ‘shanty town approach’ to the space, building it from the ground up. With the exception of the cool room, every shelf and fixture has the Verbeek touch, demonstrating the dedication they have to stocking the very best products in the very best space.

As the name suggests, everything is organic. The abundance of produce is overwhelming, with thousands of lines crammed into the little shop. From lunchbox snacks to after dinner treats, Kew Organics has everything anyone could need to fill their pantry, their fridge and their belly.

The fruit and vegetables are fresh, and they aim to avoid stocking anything that has numbers in the ingredients list. You’ll find dairy, meat, bread, eggs, grains, nuts and seeds, just to name a few, but the majority of sales comes from high quality fresh fruit and veggies. With produce that is less processed, you can expect more flavour and more nutritional value. An organic certification means the store is often audited to ensure products are truly chemical-free, so you know what you’re buying is some of the best.

Kew Organics has a mindful environmental footprint. Skylights provide natural light and reduce their dependency on electricity. All fruit and veggie scraps are passed onto a composting company and all cardboard is recycled. What’s more, they don’t sell bottled water, and never use plastic bags, opting to pack customers’ produce into boxes.

It’s not just their produce that shines. The outstanding service is what keeps customers coming back for their daily, weekly and monthly provisions. Priding themselves on service, the team is committed to developing personal relationships with most of their customers. It’s the friendly, family orientated atmosphere that makes Kew Organics feel like home.

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4/79 Willsmere Rd, Kew, VIC


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