Curiosity killed the cat, but not Harry and Charlie…

Going into business with your sibling can be hard work. Knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses can either make you or break you. Luckily for the Nissen brothers, they managed to turn their idea into a chocolate empire.

Harry and Charlie Nissen fell into chocolate making through their own curiosity. A yearning to know how chocolate was made from scratch soon turned into a desire to create high quality chocolate with minimal ingredients.

At their boutique factory in Cremorne, Harry and Charlie are the only two people who oversee the entire chocolate-making process from start to finish, ensuring every step is to their precise liking. This two-man operation ensures they know exactly what each customer receives.

When it comes to sourcing beans, taste is paramount but ethics plays an important role in the final choice; they want their whole process to be transparent. The boys source their beans from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Belize and soon, Peru. They ensure the farms have sustainable practices and support the local community with employment and fair incomes.

Their current range includes single origin 70% dark organic chocolates, as well as unique blends such as fennel seed, sesame seed, coffee, macadamia, mint and cacao nib, and an 85% dark for the serious chocolate lovers. You can find these goodies at artisanal and independent grocery stores dotted throughout Melbourne.

From humble beginnings in a domestic kitchen, Hunted + Gathered has since collaborated with Pidapipo Gelateria to create a limited range of ‘death by chocolate’ gelato using their hand-crafted quality chocolate. Neil Perry’s Rosetta has also started using their chocolate, and the boys have participated in the artisanal Flour Market alongside Melbourne’s favourite sweet treats.

The next (very Melbourne) step is to turn their factory into a concept store. Much like a cellar door experience, they intend to open up their factory to the public with a retail space, coffee and chocolate bar, as well as provide an opportunity for visitors to see how their chocolate is made.

When your job is as sweet as this one, it’s no wonder there’s no sibling rivalry.


Words by Beth Yeoman


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