It’s 3pm, the mid-afternoon danger zone when all your best healthy eating intentions come crashing down. Do you give into the temptation of a sweet treat, jump on Instagram and browse some #fitspo, or set out on a mission to find a snack that’s not laden with artificial additives and preservatives?

This was the problem Jessica Thomas faced when she found herself busy, stressed out, and unable to find a healthy snack to banish the stomach grumbles for good.

Jessica used her food retail and marketing expertise and in 2014, she founded Health Lab. It caters to like-minded women who need the energy to get through action-packed days without resorting to sugary treats. Jessica’s aim is to not only to create delicious snacks and protein powders, but to build a community that supports busy women in pursuing their goals. She worked with a team of food specialists to develop a range of protein balls that deliver nutrition without skimping on taste and fulfilment.

‘…she found herself busy, stressed out, and unable to find a healthy snack to banish the stomach grumbles for good.’

The original 3pm Almond Protein balls are an easy x when the afternoon cravings strike, with a tasty mix of almond butter, cranberry, dates and coconut. The Energise Protein ball is made with cashews and raw cacao, while the Choc-Mint Refresh balls combine raw cacao and peppermint. Peanut butter lovers can satisfy any lingering hunger pangs with the Recover Peanut Butter Ball, which includes raw unsweetened natural peanut butter and protein powder.

All of the protein balls are made from raw ingredients and are free from gluten and re ned sugar, designed for a pick-me-up that is practically guilt free. The balls come in bright and handy canisters, making them super easy to get delivered to your door.

Health Lab has also developed a convenient range of protein blends that combine selected superfoods and vitamins. Add the Shine Like a Diamond blend to your morning smoothies – its ingredients include chia, flaxseed, spirulina and vitamins A, C and zinc.

Made in Melbourne, the protein balls and blends are now found in gyms, yoga studios, cafes and shops around Australia. For even easier access, stock up for home or the office by ordering online, so you’ll never get caught out at 3pm again.


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