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Before starting Green House Juicery, Mark Griffin’s friends referred to the home he shares with his wife as the ‘green house’. It was inspired by the huge amounts of green veggies in the kitchen, which he would skilfully transform into delicious juices.

Mark, originally from an IT and business background, was so passionate about the benefits of his cold-pressed green juices that he wanted to offer them to a wider group of people. And so, Green House Juicery was born.

Having suffered from digestive issues, back pain, low energy and a consistent brain fog, Mark felt the nutrients from cold-pressed juices helped. Having felt the benefits himself, he soon turned to the community, looking to spread the message of how cold-pressed juices can make you feel. Marks thinking was encouraged during a trip to the US where a cold-pressed juice bar was seen as ‘the’ place to hang out. He wanted to be part of sharing the awareness and culture of the green juice movement here in Melbourne.

‘With a unique mobile business, Mark is able to access people who might not be inclined to seek out these type of products.’.

Green House Juicery provides fresh, cold-pressed juices from custom-designed mobile pop-up shops, found at farmers’ markets and various events around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Each stall houses a range of nutrient-dense, brightly coloured cold-pressed juices that are made largely from local produce. One of the perks of Green House Juicery’s location is the easy access to quality Peninsula produce. Mark loves the opportunity to interact with market-goers and talk about the seasonal ingredients in the juices. With names such as Skinny Jeans, Popeye’s Lunch and Bright Eyes, he appeals to both the health conscious and everyday juice drinkers.

One of the most important things to Green House Juicery is being able to introduce cold-pressed juices to a wide customer base. With a unique mobile business, Mark is able to showcase his products to people who might not be inclined to seek them out. Purchasing from the stall is often the first time his customers have tried a cold-pressed juice. Today there is a flow of market-goers who, after feeling the benefits, come back for more. From Monday to Friday Green House Juicery also delivers fresh juice cleanses to workplaces and homes, to cover every day of the week.

Green House Juicery likes to offer customers a chance to take a break from unhelpful eating and drinking habits and take time to examine how their body feels. Mark loves hearing from the customers who have used his juice cleanse as the starting point for a positive lifestyle change, choosing to eat nutritious foods and reaping the benefits.

Today when Mark’s friends visit, they are spoilt for choice. In additional to old green favourites, they now choose from all the colours of the produce rainbow.

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