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You wouldn’t fuel your car with garbage, so why would you feed your body with rubbish? The FüD Revolution is changing the way we think about eating, creating bespoke temperature controlled, recycled timber vending outlets that are filled with fresh, genuinely healthy meals, snacks and drinks.

The winning formula behind FüD comes from the partnership between Laura Anderson and Dane Blackburn. Laura, a neuropsychologist, animal lover and vegan, also
suffers from an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which saps energy and upsets digestion. Laura’s partner in life and business, Dane, is an entrepreneur at heart. Having left school at 16, he was running a successful bricklaying business just three years later. He recently hung up his trowel to focus all his energy on revolutionising the fast food industry, one salad at a time.

FüD is dedicated to creating authentic healthy meals served in convenient reusable and recyclable mason jars. The unique vending machines deliver Australia’s first ever health and wellness vending outlets, and as a result, Laura and Dane have carved their names as innovators in this field.

Laura and Dane don’t see themselves as a traditional business, but rather as providing an important health and education service to the community. The duo use only locally sourced, organic produce wherever possible for their seasonally changing menu. The meals are made fresh daily, and any leftover stock is donated to local organisations that distribute meals to people experiencing homelessness or financial hardship. A portion of profits from each meal sold is also donated to local charities and organisations.

‘FüD is dedicated to creating genuinely healthy meals served in convenient reusable and recyclable mason jars.’

FüD vending outlets are conveniently located in many business hubs, shopping centres, universities, hospitals and train stations, so a healthy meal option is never far from reach. When you hit that mid-morning slump, and can’t see how you’ll trudge through to your next meal, grab one of the tempting snacks that will keep your energy high and your mood higher. The Holy Granoly, made up of natural organic yoghurt drizzled with raspberry and chia coulis and topped with their house-made Aussie nut paleo granola, is an energy rich crowd favourite.

When it comes to lunchtime, nourish your body with a choice of delicious salads. The ever popular Super Soba Salad combines buckwheat noodles, crunchy raw carrot and zucchini ‘zoodles’, with other fresh veggies, Asian herbs, seeds and a drool-worthy sugar-free satay dressing.

The FüD Revolution firmly believes that food is fuel, it strives to provide the highest quality produce to help everybody fulfil their potential. There’s no better way to prepare your body for a busy day than with nourishing food that’s easy to grab on-the-go.

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