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First things first: coffee. First Press Coffee is waking Melburnians up one morning at a time, creating cold drip coffee in its purest form.

There are three men you can thank for getting you through your busy day. Hamish Walmsley, Jimmy Elias and Michael Calle spent years travelling barefoot, searching for a life of freedom, inner wellness and of course, the perfect coffee. Their love affair with finding a faultless brewandtheirinterestinwellnessledthem to explore unique coffee brewing methods.

It’s all in the research, and during their travels Hamish, Jimmy and Michael stumbled upon a unique method. It used gravity, cold water and an elaborate drip system that produced coffee that created inspiration, productivity and energy, drop by drop.

This is when they realised they had struck gold, finding a coffee with a sweeter taste, reduced acidity and a dynamic range of flavours as a result of the long extraction. The boys linked the extraction of their coffee to the ‘first press’ of highest quality olive oil, creating a brand that was clear to a wide market.

‘Coffee without milk or sugar? It’s not everyone’s first choice, but the proof is in the flavour.’

Coffee without milk or sugar? It’s not everyone’s first choice, but the proof is in the flavour. It is a system of slowly dripping cold, filtered water through lightly roasted ground coffee for a period of ten hours. It can’t be rushed, and when done properly it creates a coffee that doesn’t lose its unique flavours. Without the bitter oils commonly found in heat- extracted coffee, First Press is gentler on the palate. It is free from sugar and preservatives, creating a clean and pure caffeine hit without the hidden nasties.

You’ll feel ready to dance down the streets after trying the Brazil cold drip variety, made using single origin Brazilian coffee beans and featuring rich chocolate and hazelnut flavours with a smooth finish. Or give the Honduras single origin a go, which contains notes of creamy hazelnut with a slight citrus flavour and a toffee finish, the perfect go-to for lighter-tasting coffee lovers.

You can choose between a 100ml Little Kicker when you’re on-the-go and in need of a quick hit, or the 500ml Big Boy, perfect to keep in the fridge for your regular dose of First Press when you need it most. To get your fix, jump in the car and head to any major health food and gourmet food stores on Australia’s east coast as well as some independent grocers.

It’s simply coffee in its purest form. So wake up and reach first for a bottle of First Press Coffee.

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