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Yoga XTC is a unique concept that aims to provide the perfect mix of exercise and nutrition for a holistic health experience. Blending the flexibility and relaxation of yoga with the muscle toning, endurance and strength of cross-training, its array of classes will have you feeling results in no time. Paired with weekly meal plans designed around your fitness routine and work commitments, you will soon be set on the path to living well.

Christine Lau is a practicing solicitor with over 22 years experience. Some six years ago, realising that her busy lifestyle and focus on work was masking the pain and discomfort of her body, she set out to reclaim her  health and work-life balance. Hot yoga was a revelation – she began to limber up muscles and get back in touch with her physicality. Practising more frequently, she began to feel the ongoing benefits of yoga – clearer focus, higher energy levels and greater resilience to stress. Cardio and strength training were added to the mix not long after, when she discovered that yoga alone could not provide the overall training that her body needed to stay fit and healthy. She took the leap and completed her yoga teacher training, as well as a fitness and nutrition accreditation. In 2015 she founded Yoga XTC.

Set in a light filled, whitewashed studio space, Yoga XTC’s atmosphere is calm and balanced. Designer, Georgia Ezra, came to the project with the outlook that our emotional health is closely linked to our external environment. Her approach is manifested in the holistic and carefully considered design for the studio, which plays with natural light and touches of colour to create a warm and welcoming sanctuary.

If you’re a newbie, start with yFun, a lighthearted class that introduces the basics of posture and props in a supportive environment. Work up a sweat in yPower, a dynamic Vinyasastyle class in 25-28 degree temperatures designed to get your whole body moving. Vigorous and fast paced, you’ll walk out energised and ready to take on the day. If you’re in the mood for something more mellow, relax into yFlow, a gentle, breath-focused class to help you work on your alignment and build foundations for more advanced practice. Get deep with yYin, a series of slow stretches that work into the fascia and release muscle tension.

Try Yoga XTC’s unique yCross class for yoga with a difference. This class switches up your yoga asanas with body weight core exercises to get your heart racing. If you love a diverse, full body workout, get involved in the fitness group sessions, which combine cardio, HIIT and functional fitness. You’ll be able to track your performance with a MyZone monitor, which gives you real time feedback to help you smash your personal best.

Sundays are the perfect time to round off your fitness regime for the week and Yoga XTC has you covered. If you’re up and about in the morning, get into SundayFit and repent for your weekend overindulgences with some HIIT action. If you’re after something a little less heart-racing, join SundayRecharge for some light cardio, flexibility and joint mobility to get you ready for the week ahead.

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54 Wilson Street, South Yarra


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