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Immerse yourself in the spirit of the Warrior One Yoga studio, an environment entirely devoted to embracing your physical and emotional wellbeing. Set on a landscape that has been operating as a yoga studio for almost 100 years, Warrior One represents an ancient yoga pose of strength and is a peaceful and inspiring space that endeavours to nourish your mind, body and heart both on and off the mat.

Husband and wife team, Dustin and Nova Brown, were searching for a space to unite both their passions. With a professional surfing and jiu-jitsu career under his belt, Dustin was convinced by Nova to explore the therapeutic possibilities of yoga, quickly discovering it was greatly complementary to both his training and lifestyle.

Returning from overseas yoga adventures, training and retreats in 2014, Dustin and Nova were equipped with a passion and potential to enlighten others of the restorative nature of yoga. From there, it was a natural progression to open their own studio, building a community of enthusiastic souls to join the Warrior One Yoga journey.

Warrior One offers a number of yoga styles, including Vinyasa Flow, Align, Yoga Fundamentals and Yin but the most distinctive is Yoga Tune Up.. Dustin is currently only one of three practitioners in Australia to be trained in this style; meaning Warrior One is the only studio in Victoria to offer it. Focusing on progression not perfection, YTU is an integration of yoga poses, corrective exercises and self-massage that aims to heal and strengthen your body against chronic pain. It sees the use of special Yoga Tune Up therapy balls, allowing participants to literally roll out their muscles.

Upon arrival to the studio, say hello to the resident yogi dog Ninja – the couple’s friendly Staffy. Get comfortable in the welcome room and unwind before entering the yoga space. Nova will be on hand to acquaint you with the studio, recommend classes, assess your fitness and listen to concerns regarding illness or injuries. The team is dedicated to tailoring a program that suits your individual needs and goals. With a maximum number of 16 participants in each class, you can expect a personalised and engaging experience. Don’t worry about bringing equipment; everything is supplied, including yoga mats and yoga props. The studio has a serenity that’s hard to match elsewhere, a significant result of Warrior One’s calming chemical-free environment, leaving you feeling energised and invigorated.

With a zealous dream to flow, evolve and unite, Warrior One is already becoming a recognised name in the yoga world. Dustin and Nova also run dynamic yoga retreats each year that provide a mindful and wholesome experience for their tribe. Warrior One is the ultimate studio for both beginners and experienced yogis to develop their yoga practice.

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1/461 New Street, Brighton


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