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In the heart of bustling Richmond there’s a quiet space to relax, restore and rejuvenate. Universal Practice is where Eastern philosophy, science, mindfulness and fitness converge. This soothing space combines a yoga and Pilates studio, physiotherapy practice and meditation area to offer a holistic and multi-planar approach to wellness.

Sammy Wilson was inspired by her own wellness experience, realising that every element of the body and mind has a flow-on effect, and that to truly cultivate good health, connection is key. Sammy had all the experience needed to connect the dots: she worked as a clinical Pilates and yoga instructor, and was a practicing physiotherapist for eight years, specialising in elite sports-injury management and exercise based rehabilitation. Universal Practice brings together the clinical approach of physiotherapy and Pilates with the Eastern practices of yoga and meditation that Sammy experienced during her travels in India and the Himalayas.

Step into the tranquility of the warehouse space and take a deep breath. Spacious and minimal, with high ceilings and an abundance of lush plants, Universal Practice greets you with cascading natural light and the refreshing scent of orange rind and essential oils. Sammy has teamed up with Aesop and TOM Organic to provide the studio’s products, both of which hold the same sustainable, nature-inspired philosophy.

Whatever you hope to gain from your health and fitness routine, the qualified practitioners at Universal Practice can guide you towards your goals. Bring your mind, body and spirit together with a dynamic Yoga Asana class, where you’ll build up your fitness and technical skills, all while cultivating awareness of your breathing.

The Ropes Yoga class provides a twist on this practice, employing ropes, blocks and long-hold poses to help you work deeply into your practice at your own pace, with expert guidance. To truly surrender and relax, enjoy a Yin Sound Bath, holding gentle poses accompanied by the restorative sounds of gongs and singing bowls.

Harness the benefits of Pilates with a Clinical Pilates class, held in small groups of three to offer personalised attention and a tailored approach to rehabilitation, recovery and strengthening; or work on your stability and flexibility with a whole-body workout in the Reformer class. For a deeper workout, Reformer Athlete classes are specifically tailored to running and agility sports: you’ll be focusing on deep-layer muscular patterning to improve technique, speed and endurance through expertly-guided cross training.

To find a moment of stillness in your day, try a signature Universal Practice meditation class – a guided meditation that uses breath work, visualisation and mantras to cultivate awareness and clarity. If you want to hone your focus, opt for a breath work or body-mapping meditation class and take your practice to the next level.

The clinical team knows that a healthy body is paramount in yielding a healthy mind. Universal Practice also offers physiotherapy, myotherapy, and individual yoga and Pilates sessions to gently restore your body and help you refine your movement.

The nurturing, holistic approach of Universal Practice will leave you feeling light and refreshed, with physical benefits and a mental clarity that will stay with you long after you’ve left the studio.

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