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Richmond’s centre for healing and strengthening both body and mind, Universal Practice, is bringing its cathartic powers to Fitzroy. A year after opening, founder Sammy Wilson has extended the reach of the wellness environment to their new Johnston Street location, providing a series of Pilates, yoga, meditation and physiotherapy programs for pros and budding yogis alike.

Inspired by her own journey to wellness, Sammy envisioned the Universal studios as a place that nurtures the health of the individual as a whole. Of the space she noted, “it’s about feeling good, letting the natural light pour in, and surrounding our bodies in an atmosphere that creates a shift in mood and allows healing”.

Enlisting the expertise of designer, Genevieve de Campo, they have achieved just that, tapping into the relaxed Fitzroy aesthetic that encompasses the existing character of their Johnston street locale. The rustic, pale oak features are set off by natural light pouring in through the large north-facing windows. Inside, Genevieve has maintained the industrial, warehouse feel by playing on the exposed ceiling trusses with refined finishes. A nod to its healing mandate, both of body and of earth, the revamp placed sustainability at its core, both in design and functionality.

Whatever your goal may be, from building up fitness to strengthening your body, mind and soul, the fully qualified team of physiotherapists who run the many classes are with you every step of the way. Traditional classes like reformer, clinical, and antenatal and postnatal Pilates are complemented by more targeted programs like Yoga Asana which promotes strength, motion, and an awareness of breathing. The yoga room is fitted with a custom ropes wall enabling each participant to modify poses to target specific areas relevant to that individual’s personal goals.

Alternatively, if it is relaxation of the mind you’re seeking, Universal’s signature meditation classes are conducted with a wholesome approach to wellness in mind, as the team notes that a calm environment and calm mind is crucial for overall wellbeing. One-on-one classes, tailored to each person’s needs, are also available as well as physiotherapy sessions in an atmosphere that fosters healing.

With a focus on enduring wellness, Universal Practice allows you a sense of clarity that carries on its cathartic healing to other aspects of your day-to-day comings and goings. Now with its second location, submitting to healing has never been simpler – you’ll soon forget that the hustle and bustle of Fitzroy is just a stone’s throw away.

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Level 1, 124 Johnston Street, Fitzroy


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