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Saunas have come a long way since the days of hot rocks and steam – gone are the days of high heat and sweaty men hustled into a crowded dark room. Instead, Sunlighten Australia offers a new type of sauna experience, presenting an uplifting and uncomplicated pleasure that will keep you coming back for more.

At the Sunlighten Wellness Rooms you can enjoy the benefits of the latest infrared sauna technology in your own private sauna, or bring a friend to enjoy time out in a clean and relaxing space. You’ll find the perfect meditative escape with a range of options available.

The wellness company began with the whimsical quest to find the best infrared sauna to suit the team’s personal health needs. Owner, Roseanne Fedrick, started the business by focusing on educating the public about the benefits of infrared saunas and offering sales to health and beauty businesses, gyms, day spas and home users.

Today the global company’s name goes hand in hand with high quality infrared saunas. The Wellness Rooms also allows those looking to buy a sauna for their home or business a place to experience the phenomenon in private surroundings.

So how exactly is Sunlighten different? According to Sunlighten, infrared is a natural part of the sun’s light and is a safe and thoroughly tested method of heating. It has a string of benefits, including skin health and relaxation.

Recovery is said to come from the infrared targeting your muscles and tissues, increasing circulation and speeding up oxygen flow.

Backed by a team of dedicated staff who will ensure a peaceful and comfortable experience, Sunlighten’s Wellness Rooms aims to provide Melburnians with an enjoyable way to destress, detox and achieve wellbeing through a cleansing sweat.

All Sunlighten saunas are environmentally friendly and are made from non-toxic materials. Each use Solocarbon™ technology to provide a unique experience, offering a changeable heat setting to ensure you are comfortable at all times.

The ‘mPulse’ infrared saunas can fit up to six people and feature an Androidpowered touchscreen with six pre-set wellness programs and three wavelengths of infrared heat.

The ‘Signature’ sauna experience offers a basic infrared heat in a spacious timber cabin while the dome-style solo sauna allows you to lay down and relax on a memory foam-heated cushion. Whatever option, you will experience supple, clear and refreshed skin, followed by a calm, focused energy and deep relaxation.

After your session, towels and wraps are provided along with refreshing alkaline water with extra minerals for an energy boost. An optional shower with luxurious gowns and towels are also available for the total indulgence.

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