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There’s nothing normal about the cycle classes at Sprinnt. The boutique indoor cycling studio is turning the concept of spin on its head, aiming to make participants happier, stronger, fitter and leaner, and in the process continually improving your health.

Themed classes, educated instructors, the highest quality equipment, a highend sound system and custom-designed studios all combine to produce an exercise experience that’s hard to beat.

The man telling you to get on your bike is Yossi Hayoon. He has been doing indoor cycling classes for more than 20 years, and has taught them for 10. In 2014, after spending years crafting a business idea to create a cycling studio that brings together every aspect of indoor cycling at its best, Sprinnt came to fruition.

Every feature of the studio is meticulously designed in order to complete the unique and ultimate spinning experience. With light timber floors and contrasting dark walls, the space is inspiring, authentic and professional. Some of the world’s best bikes line the studio, while a fantastic sound system harmonises perfectly with each class.

The trainers at Sprinnt encourage people from all experience levels to achieve and maintain their fitness goals. Yossi is joined by a team of expert instructors, including a competitive Ironman triathlete and a member of the Australian Elite Paratriathlon team. With such extensive experience, you’ll be in safe hands.

Each class involves something distinctly different. Soundtracks can vary from world music from different exotic cultures with great rhythms, to classic hits that will take you back and inspire you to get pedalling. You’ll be encouraged to ride along flat roads, climb hills, ‘sprint’, and have plenty of fun along the way. If you’re lucky, you might even participate in a live music class, where musicians accompany your every move with a live soundtrack.

The whole experience is interactive, with an online reservation system so you never have to miss out. Your requirements and what you like is what inspires the design of the classes so you can choose classes with your favourite instructor from any computer or mobile device. As well as the usual timetable, Sprinnt provides special events and themed classes to spice up your exercise routine and continually keep the classes fun and upbeat.

Sprinnt’s approach to wellness extends beyond the studio. The team prides itself on the holistic health journey, encouraging community involvement and providing nutrition education. The website includes a host of healthy recipes to make at home, ensuring you can improve your entire lifestyle. Sprinnt is breaking barriers in the spin business, creating an environment that’s ideally suited to getting fit. Its huge range of classes and collective experience of the instructors means you’ll be pedalling your way to a happier and healthier life.

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537 Riversdale Road, Camberwell


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