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It’s no secret that exercise can assist in boosting your serotonin levels. At Serotonin Exercise, you can dive head first into personal training sessions and lifelong learning that will boost your natural happiness and have you ready to take on the world.

Learn to build a positive mindset at Serotonin Exercise & Education, with a team that is passionate about building the world’s leading happiness educational institution. Emily Hazell Arundel has created a hub for the whole community, through nutrition, training and education.

Her concept is based on the serotonin formula, a 12-part guide to natural happiness, and a gym, cafe and education facility come together to make Emily’s approach to wellness a holistic one.

Gus Arundel heads up the exercise and educational component with his bespoke personal training sessions. One-on-one training allows special attention to be drawn to alignment, mobility and the breath, resulting in better activation of the muscles, which helps to prevent injury. Each session is tailored for all health and fitness levels including overall fitness, athlete-specific strength and conditioning, weight loss, toning and hypertrophy. They are all based around primal compound movements, including squatting, jumping, pulling and pushing. Gus is also looking to introduce group personal training classes and bootcamps in the future, starting with Pilates.

There’s no better way to help motivate change and evoke happiness than through education. Serotonin runs a 12-month program teaching you the 12-step guide to achieving natural happiness, designed in partnership with doctors, psychologists, food scientists and dietitians. The program builds the foundation for the Serotonin lifestyle movement, incorporating the eatery, exercise and education platforms into one ongoing lifestyle change. These educational programs are designed to share simple techniques that will help you achieve overall happiness and improve your quality of life.

The Serotonin Eatery next door is an urban hot spot where Melburnians can pick up delicious, plant-based food that ensures your mind, body and the earth all function in tiptop shape. Serotonin Exercise means more than just working out. By joining in and working up a sweat, you’re on board to becoming the healthiest and most importantly, happiest version of yourself. It’s the place to put happiness first.

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