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Notice the weight of your troubles ease at Rise Yoga, where you can enter a class with a troubled, anxious or worried state of mind and leave feeling rejuvenated and calm. Through practice at Rise Yoga, students can begin to love and respect who they are, building greater strength and connection to themselves and others.

Leading the way to a calmer state of mind is Rosie McCaughey. During her late teens to late twenties, Rosie fell in love with yoga as a recovery tool for her strenuous triathlon routine, finding a class could melt her stress away. She trained under Jimmy Barkan on her travels to America before completing 500 training hours in India, studying Hot Yoga, Hatha Ashtanga and Power Yoga. Her teaching style incorporates her love of anatomy and alignment, influenced by her background as a massage therapist, personal trainer and physiotherapist. Her passion lies in the human element of business, and Rosie is focused on community and connection; getting to know her students and the best way to help them improve their health and wellbeing.

The Rise Yoga studio is warm, inviting and homely. The materials are as sustainable as possible, featuring bamboo flooring, infrared heating that is energy efficient and healing on the body, recycled timber throughout and environmentally friendly paint. Find solace in the Rise Yoga sanctuary and take time to rejuvenate amongst the chaos of busy lives.

Rise Yoga’s point of difference lies in the intimacy of the studio, where students feel welcome and part of a friendly community of like-minded people.

The wheels helping to set the Rise Yoga vehicle in motion are thanks to Assistant Manager, Rowena Geraerts. Encouraging students to have fun with their practice, Rowena’s classes are strong, challenging and fluid while paying respect to the body. Meet Rowena or one of the other teachers on the mat for an engaging and relaxing class, with a dynamic timetable that is full of a variety of styles to suit every body and every fitness level.

If you love to sweat and get your heart racing, try a Hot class, where the studio is heated to 37 degrees. Experience a strong, slower style of flow that allows students to stretch, sweat and detoxify. Or give a Power Flow class a go – a strong, dynamic, breath-centred style of yoga that’s practiced in a 28-30 degree room and is suitable for all levels. Slow down the pace in a Yin class that is restorative and melts away the tension through longer held postures. Don’t miss Rise’s signature Yoga Sculpt class, which pairs yoga flow with weights and chi balls to deliver a full body workout.

At Rise, those good post-yoga feelings extend beyond the individual – Rosie is committed to promoting positive body image and self-acceptance, donating a portion of the  proceeds from the classes to the Butterfly Foundation.

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1/232 Bridge Road, Richmond


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