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If you’re keen to push yourself to the next level of fitness but the idea of stepping into a sweaty, crowded gym and running endlessly on a treadmill makes you shudder, we may have found the solution.

Revolution Personal Training Founder, Luke Scott, honed his understanding of the functions and flaws of the gym model during his time working as a personal trainer in a local gym. He then branched out to mobile training to provide more flexibility for his clients, and in 2012 opened a personal training studio in South Melbourne to complement this service.

You’ll quickly realise that the studio is not your conventional gym space. While you’ll still find change and bathroom facilities and top-notch equipment, there are no crowds, no boring machine workouts and you won’t spend listless hours without help and guidance.

Revolution’s studio is appointment only, so you get a more private, individualised experience. Luke has a holistic philosophy of fitness and this is reflected in Revolution’s methodology. He says, “Training with us isn’t about continually getting better in the gym. Our training is about getting better in the gym so that you can enjoy more of what life has to offer outside of the gym.” Isn’t that what we’re all after?

The personal trainers are highly qualified career trainers, so they’re passionate about pushing you to achieve longterm results and form good exercise habits to last a lifetime. Whether your aim is to lose weight, build muscle, increase endurance or just to enhance your energy levels and resilience to stress, there’s a specialised trainer to suit your goals.

Classes are as diverse as you could ever hope for, with a timetable of small group training sessions capped at 10 participants per class. Book in for HIIT, strength training, boxing, kettlebell conditioning, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning, and mobility and flexibility classes. Sportspecific training and pre- and post-natal classes are also on offer.

The focus of all classes is improving the four pillars of fitness: functional strength, work capacity, metabolic efficiency and mobility and effective movement. Try Man Up Monday to get your week into high gear with a killer combination of cardio, bodyweight and weighted exercises that will get those endorphins flowing. Kick off the weekend with the Friday Hustle, where you’ll race the clock in endurance and strength-based activities and try to smash your personal best each week. Individual training is vital in getting you motivated and keeping you on track. With one-on-one or two-ozone guidance on technique and intensity, you’ll be performing at your peak in no time.

If you love mixing up your routine and training outdoors, Revolution runs a mobile service and can come to a location that suits you. Whether you want to train at a local park, the beach, your office or your home, you’ll supercharge your fitness levels and spend the rest of your day with a post-exercise buzz.

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